WPX Hosting Coupon 2021 – Get 90% OFF

Are you looking for WPX Hosting Coupon Codes? If Yes then I’ve got the best WPX Hosting Promo Code for a maximum discount on All the WPX Hosting Plans.

So, what are the WPX Hosting Discount Offers?

There are two types of discounts or saving you can do.

Offer 1: Get 90% discount for the first month on all the WPX Hosting Monthly plans 

Offer 2: Get 3 months free on WPX Hosting Yearly Plans.

Use the WPX Hosting Coupon “BIGUP4BIZ” on the checkout page

WPX.net (formerly known as Traffic Planet) is a leader in Managed WordPress Hosting and the performance, support & pricing are unbelievable. WPX offers the fastest managed WordPress Hosting along with High-speed CDN, SSL & free website migration. 

With Our Special WPX Hosting Discount Coupon, you can save between $60 and $249 on WPX Hosting yearly plans. Grab this offer before it expires by clicking the link below.

WPX Hosting discount Sale

WPX hosting is not new in the industry but they are not popular like Bluehost or A2Hosting. As a blogger, when I choose a web hosting company I primarily check the server uptime, performance, and support. WPX hosting has all these qualities.

Recently, WPX won all global speed-tested categories in independent 2021 testing. In this test, WPX hosting comes on top and the average page loading time is  0.711 S .

Also, they offer free site speed optimization that can improve your Google Core Vital Scores. If you are looking for the best web hosting services at a competitive price then WPX Hosting can be your ultimate choice.

Save 90% OFF by using our special WPX Hosting Coupon Code 2021.

In this post, I’ve shared the 100% verified ✅ WPX hosting coupons & promotional codes. To know more about 💲 Deals & Offers, Visit WPX.net.(Official Website)

WPX Hosting Coupon Codes & Discount Offers:

Here, I’ve listed all the working WPX Hosting Promo Codes with offer details.

WPX Hosting Discount: 90% OFF/3 Months Free:

This is an exclusive offer where you can get 90% OFF for the first months on all the WPX Hosting Plans when you choose the monthly billing cycle.

Generally, the pricing starts from $20.83/mo when you paid yearly otherwise $24.99 monthly. They have three types of plans which are:

  • Business – This plan comes hosting for up to 5 websites with 10 GB storage and 100 GB Bandwidth. Get this plan for the first month at 90% OFF using Promo Code  BIGUP4BIZ . Generally, this plan costs you $20.83/mo when you paid yearly but Now, you can get it at $2.50 for the first month for a limited time.
  • Professional – This plan comes hosting for up to 15 websites with 20 GB storage and 200 GB Bandwidth. Use WPX Hosting Coupon Code  BIGUP4BIZ  to get 90% OFF for the first month which costs you $5. Generally, this plan price is $41.58/mo.
  • Elite – This plan comes hosting for up to 35 websites with 40 GB storage and Bandwidth. Generally, this plan costs you $83.25/mo but get 90% Off for the first month on this plan using WPX Hosting Promo Code  BIGUP4BIZ  at $9.90/mo. 

The 90% discount is applicable for new purchases on all WPX hosting monthly plans.

Check the table below for regular and discounted prices. 

WPX Hosting Plans: Regular pricing: Discounted price: Coupon Codes:
Business Plan $24.99/mo $2.50/mo BIGUP4BIZ
Professional Plan $49.99/mo $5.00/mo BIGUP4BIZ
Elite Plan $99.00/mo $9.90/mo BIGUP4BIZ

This Offer is exclusively valid till 12 July 2021.

WPX 3 Months Free Hosting Discount Offer:

Choose any of the WPX Hosting plans and get 3 months free when you paid yearly. To avail of this offer, click the discount link here and apply the Coupon “BIGUP4BIZ”.

WPX Hosting Plans: Regular Price: Discounted Price: Discount Link:
Business Plan $24.99/mo $18.74/mo Get Started
Professional Plan $49.99/mo $37.49/mo Get Started
Elite Plan $99.00/mo $74.25/mo Get Started

These two WPX hosting Discount offers which I’ve shared above are exclusively available for a limited time. Grab the offers to save 90% Off or 3 months free.

Now, I’m going to share the WPX Hosting Coupon Code with my regular blog readers. There are two types of offers one is for monthly plans and the second one for yearly WPX hosting plans. Check both offers and use the WPX Hosting Discount Coupon.

WPX Hosting Offer 2021: 50% Off

Visit the official website using our special discount link and apply the WPX hosting Promo Code (EasyKhoj) to get a 50% discount on all WPX hosting plans (Monthly).

Hosting Plan  Regular Price  Discounted Price Coupon Codes:
Business $24.99/mo $12.50 EasyKhoj
Professional $49.99/mo $25.00 EasyKhoj
Elite $99.00/mo $49.99 EasyKhoj

Note: Type “E” and “K” are capital letters in the Promo Code “EasyKhoj

This offer will be applicable for the first month of hosting purchase on monthly plans. Choose any plans and use the discount code “EasyKhoj” to get 50% discount.

If you are looking to buy a yearly plan then check the offer below.

WPX Hosting Discount: 2 months free

On the annual hosting purchase of any WPX hosting plans, you will get 2 months of free hosting. To activate this offer, click the special link below.

How to use WPX Hosting Coupon Code?

Follow the simple steps given below and get a 90% discount on WPX Hosting plans. 

Step 1: Click here (Our special WPX Hosting Discount link) then you’ll be redirected to the WPX hosting Coupon official website. The page will look like this as given below.

WPX hosting Plans

Select one plan and the billing type Monthly or Yearly. In both cases, you save money.

Note: If you go with monthly plans, you can save 90% OFF for your first-month billing by using WPX Hosting Coupon BIGUP4BIZ  or you can get 3 months free on yearly plans. As I said, this promotional offer valid till 12 July 2021.


Get a 50% Discount for your first-month billing on monthly plans or 2 months free with annual plans. Use the WPX Hosting Promo Code” EasyKhoj” by visiting here.

This offer is applicable for every new signup all the time.

Step 2: Once you click on “Get Started” the next You will be asked to select one data center from the US, UK, and AU.  Now, a new page will open like this.

Either you can continue with your existing domain or register a new domain name. If you are using an existing domain, enter your website URL and they’ll migrate for free.

Register a domain

Step 3: Now, choose your billing type. Select Monthly to get 50% OFF on your first-month payment using Coupon “EasyKhoj” where E and K are capital letters.

Apply WPX Hosting Promo Code

Step 4: Enter our special WPX Hosting Coupon in the Use Promotional code box and click on Apply. Now, you saved 50% Off and click on “Continue”. 

As you can see, I’ve applied the code successfully and grabbed the discount.

WPX Hosting Discount

Step 5: Now, choose the payment method and enter the information correctly. Create an account and make the payment to complete the purchase.

If you still don’t know about WPX hosting and why should you use WPX (with reasons) then I’ve shared all the details with pros & cons which you must read.

About WPX Hosting:

WPX hosting is the World’s fastest managed WordPress hosting company founded by Terry Kyle back in 2013.  The man behind WPX is Terry who has been in this industry since 1998 and he worked with most of the web hosting companies on the planet.

Terry has over 2 decades of experience and he knows what exactly customers check before picking a web hosting provider. He started WPX hosting company with three main objectives- Speed, Support, and simplicity

No doubt, WPX hosting provides blazing-fast speed through brand new high-spec SSD servers. Their support and features are phenomenal. The best part, they have their own WPX Cloud CDN that makes your WordPress website faster and page loads in 357 ms.

WPX hosting offers world-class fast, reliable, and affordable managed WordPress hosting services with plenty of useful features at no extra cost that start from $24.99/mo. I can help you save 50% Off on the 1st-month hosting purchase for monthly plans. For that, you can follow the steps above and apply the WPX hosting coupon code.

They provide highly secured SSD servers that Incapsula Enterprise Level Security (DDoS protection) with free malware removal. Your sites will be faster and safer with WPX.

Many famous bloggers or digital marketers recommend WPX hosting and the no 1 web hosting provider having a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot and G2.com.

If you are looking for the fastest WordPress hosting but not sure How to choose one then watch this video and you will get an answer to why WPX Hosting is best among others.

WPX Hosting Promo Codes 2021

I’ve some WPX Hosting Coupon codes that can help you save up to 90% OFF on all WPX hosting Monthly plans. This offer is exclusively applicable to new users only.

Why choose WPX hosting?

WPX Hosting Provides World’s fastest managed WordPress hosting along with free website migration, unlimited SSLs, quick support, and much more.

Let’s talk about a few of them in detail here:

#1. Blazing fast High spec SSD servers:

If you don’t know, let me tell you WPX hosting has its own high-specific SSD servers not rented. The average page loading speed of WPX  is 1130 ms as you can see here.

WPX Hosting speed
Infographic Credit: https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/

Research by Google,  if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load then you lose 53% of mobile website visitors. It can affect your eCommerce business, conversion rate, and SERP as well.

WPX hosting offers blazing-fast SSD servers and has introduced a new WPX cloud feature that really makes your sites load faster and secures with class-leading performance.

Google ranks higher in SERP if your site takes less time than 3 seconds in loading web pages and also helps in SEO. Grow your business and drive tons of traffic through Organic search.

#2. Free Unlimited Websites Migration:

WPX hosting provides free website migration services on hosting purchases. Their WordPress experts help you in moving websites from other web hosting providers to WPX hosting for free. You just have to create a support ticket, the rest they will do for you.

The whole process can take a few hours and the WPX support team will be always in touch with you. You don’t have to worry about anything, the support team is very user-friendly.

#3. 30 Seconds live chat support:

If you face any types of issues, WPX support is always there for you. The average response time over Live chat by WPX support is 30 seconds which is really a great thing where most providers fail.

As I have seen, the top web hosting provider except for Siteground has not such facilities. They never replied on time to their customers and solve the problems but with WPX hosting, you won’t face such difficulties. They have award-winning customer support 4/7/365.

If you have any problems related to hosting, they respond back within 30 seconds. I really love their support and if you don’t trust me, give it a try by visiting WPX hosting.

#4. 30 Days Money Guarantee:

WPX hosting is the world’s web hosting company that offers fully managed WordPress hosting solutions along with top-notch features. I can guarantee you, you won’t disappoint with their services and the support. The performance, Speed, and security that WPX provides are really worth every penny you spend on WPX hosting. Give it a try using our WPX hosting coupon Now.

If you are still not satisfied then you can get a full refund without asking a single question. They have 30 days refund policy, they deliver the promise at any cost to you.

#5. Free SSL, 99.95% Uptime & Custom WPX Cloud CDN.

WPX hosting offers free unlimited SSL certificates, 99.95% uptime, and custom CDN. The main reason to go with WPX hosting, they provide one-click SSL installation for unlimited websites. Where the hosting provider like Godaddy charges 20-50$ per year separately for SSL.

According to Google, HTTPS will be considered as a ranking factor. If your website has not been secured with SSL then it sends a notification on chrome browser to users.

SSL is a key factor that also helps in SEO to rank on Google or other search engines. As you know, Google’s algorithm keeps rolling every month and if you want to see your site on top then you have to follow all the guidelines and terms that have been stated by Google.

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(Comparison) WPX Hosting Vs SiteGround:

In this WPX Hosting Vs SiteGround, I’ll explain in short about both these two best web hosting providers and you can choose as per your own requirements.

SiteGround offers affordable hosting plans starting from $6.99/mo and it is a recommended hosting provider by WordPress. If you are a beginner and just started a website on WordPress and looking for hosting with managed solutions then Go for SiteGround.

Whereas WPX hosting offers you hosting for unlimited traffic with custom CDN and fast 30-second customer support. Also, you can avail 50% discount on 1st-month hosting of any plans you choose by using our WPX hosting Coupon and 3 months free on yearly packages.

FAQs on WPX Hosting Coupon Codes 2021:

Still, you might have a few questions about the WPX Hosting discount and promotional code. Here, I’ve answered all the most important questions here.

Q1: Is there any Working WPX Hosting Coupon for discounts in 2021

Ans: Yes, You can get 50% discount on 1st month of any of its hosting plans by clicking the special link here and apply WPX hosting Promo Code “EasyKhoj” and 2 months of free hosting if you choose yearly hosting packages from Business, Professional and Elite.

Q2: Does WPX Hosting offer Free Trial?

Ans: Yes, You can try 2 months of hosting for just 1$. To grab this WPX hosting free trial offer, you need to activate the discount and pay 1$ to enjoy the 60 day free WordPress hosting worth 198$. This offer is only valid for new users and later you can upgrade it.

Q3: Is Website migration free with WPX hosting purchase?

Ans: Yes, WPX Hosting provides Unlimited Website migrations for free.

Q4: Does WPX hosting provides free domain and SSL certificate?

Ans: Unfortunately, WPX hosting does not offer free domain registration but unlimited SSL certificates at no hidden charges with the hosting packages. Install SSL certificates to the unlimited domains in one click from the user-friendly control panel.

Q5: What about WPX Hosting Refund Policy?

Ans: Yes. WPX hosting offers 30 days money-back guarantee. If You have opted for monthly plans and want a refund then you are entitled to get your first month’s payment only. On the yearly billing term, you can get a full money back within 30 days.

Use WPX Hosting Coupon “EasyKhoj” and get 50% discount (for the first month) on monthly hosting packages if you have selected and 2 months of free hosting if you choose annual plans. Claim the WPX hosting discount by clicking the special link below.

               ♥ WPX 50% discount link (Claim now)!

Conclusion – WPX Hosting Coupon Code 2021:

WPX hosting offers reliable, flexible and premium Managed WordPress hosting solutions for small or enterprise websites. Their support and services are excellent at this price. Their hosting plans start from $24.99 per month and you can save 50% OFF using our exclusive WPX hosting Coupon plus 2 months of free hosting worth 198$ if you buy an annual plan.

As per my experience with WPX hosting, they offer high uptime and reliable hosting according to the last 6-month record of my websites that have hosted on WPX hosting.

This is the best-managed WordPress hosting provider based on pricing, support, features, and performance. You can give it a try and grab 50% Off on its monthly plans and 2 months free by applying the WPX hosting Coupon code by clicking the below link.

Activate WPX Hosting Discount

For the best web hosting deals & discounts, you can visit here

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