Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship? 10 Best Answers

Why should you be hired for this internship? 10 Best Answers

This is the most asked question in the interview “Why should you be hired for this internship” and if you want the best answer then this is the right place for you.

As you know, Most of the graduation courses include an internship program for students to improve their practical knowledge. But getting hired in any of the internships is not a piece of cake for any student. Every internship providing institutes have their own rules, reputation, and selection process. And most similarly asked questions are “Why should you be Hired for this Internship”. Honestly speaking, there is no formula to get success in an internship.

I remember when I have to answer the same question asked by the Interviewer for my first internship, I was confused at that time and don’t know what exactly I  have to say. But, these answers will help you in getting hired for your first internship.

So here we have come up with some excellent answers and techniques which can help you a lot to tackle this problem if you are a fresher and going for interviews first time. Anywhere internship has its value in determining the career of students and it sets a strong bridge between the career and field of education. So firstly let’s start with the basics and understand internships.

What is an Internship?

The internship is an educational program to get the field experience, develop skills to move forward in their career. It can also be full time or part-time or both. Generally, there are two types of internships namely paid internship and stipend based internships.

In a paid internship, the course duration is fixed from 30 days to 60 days. In this process, you will pay the fee and get enrolled in the program, and get certification from the institution upon completion. Whereas a stipend-based internship is a little bit different from a paid internship. In a stipend-based internship, you need to fulfill some criteria-based upon the institution or company to qualify for the internship. If you quantify, you need to work along with the company rules and regulations to get the field ground experience and the company will pay and certify you for your work. Also, you will be given an experience certificate and other facilities.

How Internship Helps in Your Career:

Every student has a dream of getting placed in their favorite company with a satisfactory salary package. But the top-level companies in India never recruit the candidate having zero field experience either they have experience and have done internship from the reputed organization.

Why should you be Hired for this Internship: So at this place Internships come into use. Along with this reason, there are several reasons which are as mentioned as below:

  • The internship provides you practical knowledge.
  • It teaches you to manage the work time or work management.
  • It forces you to deal with real-life work experiences and develop necessary skills related to your field.
  • Internships with good institutions and companies will help you to strengthen your resume.
  • It lies a successful roadmap towards your career.
  • Encourages to increase your network in the specified field.

These are some of the reasons how an internship program can help you to develop various qualities and make you ready to use your skills in real life to solve the problem.

Why should you be Hired for this Internship?

Generally, in every interview, it may be either job recruitment or any other such as internship eligibility tests most commonly asked questions is Why should you be Hired for this Internship. It is seen that many students struggle to answer such questions.

So finally we have decided to come up with the answer and the best 10 Answers for Why should you be Hired for this Internship are shared below:

Answer 1:

Well, your question is excellent. But I have done proper research and have deep knowledge about the internships. I am fully fit as per your requirements and my practical knowledge is good enough to complete the internship here. I can create really useful and better projects. I have relevant skills that make me suitable for this program. And I am fully dedicated to my internship projects.

Answer 2:

I have seen the qualification and skills required for this internship program and as I meet all those requirements, I am sure that I will comfortably clear the interview. As I meet the requirements such as qualification, skills, and knowledge I am sure that I will provide the quality projects just I need your platform to prove myself. Overall I have excellent communication skills and have the capability to manage the team so I am looking for an opportunity.

Answer 3:

I have a proper idea of what skills you are looking for as I have researched about this internship program. And I know how deserving students you are looking for, and I think I am among them. As per my skills and resume hope you have got an idea about my plans, expertise, and passion for work. My plans and ideas get matched with your requirements, so I need a chance to show my expertise.

Answer 4:

From the beginning, my theoretical knowledge is good. And I would like to participate in this internship program to build a strong practical knowledge to boost my skills, practical knowledge to achieve excellent field expertise. So I think the best way to achieve all these experiences is through your company. So I am eagerly looking for a chance to participate in this internship with your company.

Answer 5:

I would like to thank you for asking me this question. As I am a quick learner and have enough qualifications and knowledge to suit this place. Moreover, I am very passionate to have practical knowledge and eagerly looking to gain field experience. I would fit this position and I have already gained a lot of knowledge regarding the goals, visions of this industry. And I am quite sure that I would provide the best projects for this industry.

Answer 6:

Well, I was searching for a company like yours but now I finally got one. If I get selected for the internship I can prove my passion for the work and knowledge I am earned till now. I can make the company better through my innovative ideas and interest to work in this field. I will work with all my efforts to show my passion and dedication to this organization. I am looking for a chance to prove my ideas and skills in reality.

Answer 7:

I work in a smart professional way and have excellent communication skills and knowledge to develop various projects. I am very dedicated to practical work and able to manage the time perfectly. I can perform well under pressure and also handle the team very easily. I can handle the various situations, this differs me from all the candidates so I am the better candidate to fit for this organization and internship program.

Answer 8:

From secondary school onwards I love to read and gain practical knowledge. I am very excited to find the results, especially which help society. From my theatrical knowledge, I fully satisfy this internship requirement criterion. Also, I am good at technical knowledge. So I am looking for a platform to prove my knowledge, share the skills and ideas. Hope I will get the chance to show my talent through your platform.

All these answers can be replied to encounter Why should you be Hired for this Internship. But in addition to these questions, there are some specific branches where the way of answering means a lot. Some of the answers related to those branches are as mentioned below:

For Finance:

In this field some people may be a fresher and others may have some experience. So same answer may not work under the situation.

For Beginners:

As I have enough skills and a good idea about the various roles in this field I think I would fit perfectly for this place. All my plans and ideas fit well as per the company requirement, this is the reason I am looking for a chance in this company.

For experience:

I have working experience in this field and also know various skills in the finance sector. I have developed various skills to tackle the situations, most of my roles exactly match with the company’s profile. So I think I would be the perfect person to get hired.

For Human Resources:

I have developed very good communication skills and have experience in the field of human resources. I can manage time very well and be able to work in a team and guide the team. So I think this role is performed for me and the company profile fits me. I am looking for this kind of platform, finally, I am here.

For Digital Marketing:

We are living in a digital revolution and I have expertise in social networks and search engines. From my school times, I started learning basics such as SEO, SEM, social media handling, and other online topics. So I want to take my expertise to the next level. So I was looking for a perfect platform. So I think this company profile suits me.

Rules to be Followed While Answering “why should you be hired for this internship

  • Say positive points about the company.
  • Briefly tell your experience
  • Mentions Your ideas
  • Mention your higher education and skills
  • Mention your uniqueness
  • Introduce a little bit about your research regarding work, skills, or company.

As you follow all these rules you will be able to respond to a good answer which is a professional way. So it attracts the interviewers and you will be able to impress them.

All the interview questions are basic, you just need to communicate properly with a strong reason. There are no formulae, equations, or anything to clear it out.

In the interview Why should you be Hired for this Internship is asked just to check how confident you are and how you take this chance as per the career perspective.

Simply if you are giving a solid reason why should you be Hired for this Internship? Almost your chance to be selected for the internship will increase.

Always be confident and well prepared while going for interviews. Getting the first job is a dream for freshers and once you selected, try to give your best in the company.

All the best for a new beginning of your career. Congratulation in Advance!

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