SemScoop Review 2022: Affordable KeyWord Research Tool

Are you looking for a SEMScoop Review before buying the SEMScoop keyword tool then you’re at the right place. Here, you can find the complete details like Pricing, Plans, Features, Pros & Cons along with best deals using our SEMScoop Coupon Code 2021.

If you are not getting quality traffic on your blog or website then you are losing money. All you need is to find the right and low competition keywords to target and make money.

For keyword research, you required a tool called Keyword research tool where you could see the potential of traffics, CPC, and competitors analysis as well.

There are many keyword research tools are available in the market these days and SEMrush is on the top of the list. You can get 14 days SEMrush free trial (No credit card). But, the SEMScoop keyword tool is one of my favorite tools suitable for beginners.

I found a great and free SEMScoop keyword tool that allows you to search 5 keywords daily for free. If you want more keyword searches, bulk import, Analysis and reports then try it paid version. It is available in monthly and yearly plans starting from $9 per month.

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SEMScoop Review 2022: Pricing, Features, & Discount

SEMScoop is an easy-to-use keyword research tool for beginners to find low-competitive keywords. It has a simple and clean user interface as you can see.

SEMScoop keyword tool

SEMSccop keyword research tool that offers superior competition analysis and SEO metrics to find and analyzes easy-to-rank LSI keywords that rank faster. It helps you build your actionable SEO strategy to increase your SERP rankings and generate more traffic.

SEMScoop helps you find the super-profitable keywords with low competition in the fastest way. Also, you can filter keywords by Volumn, location, CPC, and Language.

For example, I searched a keyword “Garment Bags” and you can check the results👇🏽

SEMSccop keyword research

You get the complete details about keywords such as Search Volume, CPC, PPC, Keyword difficulty, etc. In the free plan, you can only search 5 keywords a day and show 50 keywords ideas only. To explore unlimited functionalities and options, upgrade your plan.

SEMScoop is trusted by over 12,000 satisfied users, and millions of digital marketers, SEO, and PPC specialists from all over the world. You can give it a try for free.

This tool provides you with accurate search volumes, SERP analysis, and a list of profitable Long-tail keywords to generate more traffic. It helps you achieve faster and better results.

Watch the video for the complete tutorial and read this SEMScoop review post 😍

Now, let’s discuss pricing, features, and Pros & Cons.

SEMScoop Plans & Pricing:

SEMScoop Pricing

SEMScoop has four plans & their pricing is:

  • Free: You are allowed to search 5 Keywords per day, 10 Keyword analyses per day, 50 Keyword Research per search, and import keywords in bulk.
  • Basic: This plan costs you 9$ per month which you can get at $89/year with a 20% discount. In this plan, You are allowed to search 25 Keywords per day, 50 Keyword analyses per day, 300 Keyword Research per search, and import keywords in bulk.
  • PRO:  This plan costs you 27$ per month which you can get at $199/year with a 40% discount. In this plan, You are allowed to search 200 Keywords per day, 400 Keyword analyses per day, 700 Keyword Research per search, and import keywords in bulk.
  • Business: This plan costs you 47$/mo which you can get at $279/year with a 50% discount. In this plan, You can do unlimited Keywords Research, Keyword analyses per day, 700 Keyword Research per search, and import keywords in bulk.

Grab any SEMScoop plans that suit your requirements and save up to 50% OFF using the special SEMScoop Coupon Code “SAVE20LT” by clicking the discount link below.

Features of SEMScoop Keyword Tool:

This is the most intuitive tool for keyword research and SERP analysis. If you can’t find low competition keywords, SEMScoop could be the best Keyword research tool for you.


Here, I’m describing some of its features which are:

#1. Keyword Ideas:

After entering the main keyword, it will show you tons of keyword ideas. As you can see, I’ve entered the keyword “Garment bags” and got the complete analysis of the same.

In the free plan, it only shows 50 keyword ideas whereas in the paid plan you can get up to 700 keyword ideas. It has an advanced filter option that helps you get accurate results and find keywords by Volume, CPC, PPC, Relevancy, and SEO difficulty.

SEMScoop Keyword ideas

Also, you can use options like sort by, export the results and save the project.

#2. A detailed keyword analysis:

When I entered the keyword in the SEMScoop keyword tool, it shows the complete keyword analysis based on my search keywords as you can see below.

SEMScoop keyword analysis

I got the different stats of my keywords like Volume, CPC, PPC, Keyword Difficulty, and others ranking factors. These factors help in achieving your SEO goals.

What does it mean of keyword difficulty score?

A score that is used to find the ranking possibility of the term in Google’s organic search results. It varies from 1 to 100 which means lower the number, easier to rank in SERP.

In SEMScoop, the keyword difficulty that ranges from 21 to 30 is considered easy to rank.

Here, I’m telling you about the SEMScoop keyword score with a list.

Keyword Difficulty Score: Keyword Competition:
0-10 No Competition
11-20 Extremely Low Competition
21-30 Low competition
31-40 Moderate Competition
41-50 Somewhat High Competition
51-65 Very High Competition
65-100 Don’t even think about it

Tips: Always use long-tail keywords whose keyword difficulty score varies from 0 to 30.

#3. Complete SERP Analysis:

Just below the graphical chart, there is a tabbed section for better SERP analysis.

SEMScoop SERP Analysis

As you can see above, it displays site URL, DA, PA, Title, Meta description, Backlinks count, and content length that ranks for the searched term “Garment bags” in Google’s SERP.

#4. Learning Hub:

In the Learning hub, you can find the comprehensive guide of SEO from basic to advance and a guide on “How to use SEMScoop for keyword research“.

It helps you learn through step-by-step guides. Also, you can check their blog section for more informative knowledge and updates just like this SEMScoop review post.

#5. Support:

SEMscoop provides instant support through live chat. If there is anything you need help with regarding the tool, contact the SEMScoop customer support team in real-time.

Also, you can use email tickets and follow their social media accounts.

#6. 7 Days Money Back Guarantee:

SEMScoop has 7 days refund policy. You can cancel your subscription if you are not satisfied and get a full refund without any questions asked.

semcoop money back

Brief SEMScoop features:

These are some amazing features of the SEMScoop keyword tool.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Keyword Difficulty Score
  • Search Volume & CDP Data:
  • SERP ranking and Links Profile
  • Social Signals
  • Content analysis
  • Sort, Filter, and narrow down the search
  • Import the keyword in Bulk
  • Blazing fast results


FAQs| SEMscoop Review?

What is SEMScoop?

Ans: SEMScoop is a keyword search and competition analysis tool to find easy to rank long-tail keywords that can be used for SEO, PPC, Content creation for your blog.

Can I Upgrade and Cancel the subscription plan anytime?

Ans: Yes. You can start with a free plan and upgrade and cancel the subscription plan anytime directly from the profile dashboard. To get started for free now, Click here.

How to renew my subscription plan?

Ans: It will be auto-renew if you have added the credit card or do it manually before ending the subscription which is usually 30 days period.

Can I get a discount on SEMScoop paid Plan?

Ans: Yes, if you upgrade your plan from basic to business, you can get a discount of up to 50% Off on using the SEMScoop coupon Code ” SAVE20LT” using our discount link.

What are the billing cycles of SEMScoop?

Ans: There are two types of billing (Monthly/Yearly) on all the SEMScoop plans.

Does SEMScoop Provide Money back guarantee?

Ans: Yes, SEMScoop offers 7 days money-back guarantee. In case, you don’t like the tool, get a full refund within 7 days of purchase without any question asked.

Can I consider SEMscoop as a SEMrush alternative?

Ans: Yes, You don’t get features like the SEMrush in SEMscoop but yes, it is an alternative to SEMrush. You can’t compare SEMrush with SEMscoop because SEMrush is a premium SEO tool for all your digital marketing needs from keyword research to link building.

The best part, SEMScoop is beginners friendly and easy-to-use keyword tool. It is cheap and affordable that comes with a free plan for a lifetime to get started.

Conclusion: SEMScoop Review 2022

If you want to rank websites in a competitive niche then SEMScoop is an extremely useful SEO tool. It helps you in keyword research with detailed metrics.

More than 35,000 customers across the 195 countries use SEMScoop Keyword Tool. Find the right keyword and build an actionable strong SEO strategy.

You can visit the Learning Hub section to know more about the SEMscoop Keyword tool.

Hopefully, you have found this SEMScoop Review 2022 guide helpful.

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