SEMscoop Review 2021: Is it Best Keyword Research Tool?

SEMScoop Review 2021 – Best Keyword Research Tool

Are you not getting organic traffic on your blog? Have you used the right keyword? If not then you are at the right place. There are so many questions like these that come if you are a beginner. In this SEMScoop Review 2021, I’m going to discuss how to find profitable keywords in your niche so that, you can make money from blogs and generate leads for your business.

Keyword research plays a huge role in your blogging success. Do you know why most of the bloggers failed, because they don’t know how to do the keyword research?

It doesn’t matter how good the design of your blog, how good is your content if your keyword research is wrong then you are not going to make any money with Blogging.

There are tons of best keyword research tools are available in the market and the top one is SEMrush. This is costly if you are just starting your blogging career. However, you can get 30 days SEMrush free trial worth 99$ then you have to pay if you want to continue using it.

Here, I’m giving you the best alternative yet effective SEO tool for keyword researching at an affordable price. SEMScoop, this is not new but most of you have heard about it.

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Using this SEMScoop Coupon Code, you can save 20% Off for lifetime on any of the plans of the SEMScoop keyword tool. This is the best Keyword research tool for competition analysis and SEO metrics that you need to get success in blogging.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the features of the SEMScoop keyword search tool so that you can find the low competition keyword with high volume and CPC in your niche.

So, let’s get started!

SEMScoop Review 2021:


Using the SEMScoop Keyword Research tool, build an actionable SEO strategy to increase the SERP ranking, drive organic traffic, and make money from your blog.

The interface of this website is very user-friendly and once you visit SEMScoop Official website, you will see an easy and clear user interface as you can see in the first image above in the post.

Now, enter the keyword and choose the location and language.

And, The result will be displayed like this.

For example:- I have used the keyword “Digital Marketing Institute

SEMScoop Dashboard

SEMScoop Competition analysis SEO tool:

These are features that can help you to understand the keyword potential, Volume (Traffic), SEO difficulty which is often called keyword density as well in SEO.

SEO Ranking difficulty:

Once you add a keyword or phrase and select your target location and language to get SEO ranking difficulty, search engine ranked pages analysis, keyword suggestions, and much more.

Keyword Ideas List:

Suggested keywords or phrases are closely related to your products or services. Click on each keyword to get SEO ranking difficulty. You can use sort, filter, and export options to narrow down your search. In the free plan, it shows up to 50 keyword ideas list. You can upgrade to a paid plan to see the up to 700 keyword suggestions related to finding the best keywords.

KeyWord Metrics:

Learn about the different metrics a keyword or phrase may have. Long tail, low difficulty keywords with enough search volume means faster ranking and enhanced traffic.

SERP Analysis Tab:

Start exploring the search engine’s top pages for ranking opportunities. Make sure to switch between analysis tabs for detailed insights about your keyword.

Save Your Work:

You can import keywords from different sources. Group your keywords into a single project and export them for later usage. You may also review your recent searches.

How does the SEMScoop Tool work?

Watch this YouTube Video to know about How to use it for the best results.

SEMScoop Plans & Pricing:

SEMScoop Pricing

There are 4 plans available in SEMScoop Keyword Research Tool which are:

1. Free:

In Free Plan, you are allowed to search 5 keywords per day, 10 Keywords analysis per day, 50 Keywords result per search. The best part, you can import keyword in bulk with a free plan.

No credit card required. To get access Visit Here

2. Basic:

With SEMScoop basic plan, you can search 25 keywords per day, 50 Keywords analysis per day, 300 Keywords result per search with the bulk import feature at no extra cost.

This plan cost you 7$ per month and get 20% Off with the Coupon “SAVE20LT

Claim the 20% Discount Now:

3. Pro:

In Pro Plan, You would get to search 200 Keywords per day, 400 keyword analysis per day, and 700 keyword results per search with the bulk import option.

This plan costs you 17$ per month upon annual billing purchase and gets a 40% discount with this exclusive SEMScoop promo code “SAVE20LT“. Get started Now!

4. Business:

With SEMScoop Pro Plan, you can do unlimited keyword research and analysis but there are limited to 700 keyword results per search with import keywords in bulk option.

This plan costs you $23 per month upon annual billing. Get a 50% off by clicking here.

SEMScoop Features:

These are the amazing features and the best reasons to choose SEMScoop and use it.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Keyword Difficulty Score
  • Search Volume & CDP Data:
  • SERP and Links Profile
  • Social Signals
  • Content analysis
  • Sort, Filter, and narrow down the search
  • Import the keyword in Bulk
  • Blazing fast results

FAQs related to SEMscoop?

What is SEMScoop?

1 Ans: SEMScoop is a keyword search and competition analysis tool to find easy to rank long-tail keywords that can be used for SEO, PPC, Content creation for your blog.

Can I Upgrade and Cancel the subscription plan anytime?

2 Ans: Yes. You can start with a free plan and upgrade and cancel the subscription plan anytime directly from the profile dashboard. To get started for free now, Click here

How to renew my subscription plan?

3 Ans: It will be auto-renew if you have added the credit card or do it manually before ending the subscription which usually 30 days period.

Can I get a discount on SEMScoop paid Plan?

4 Ans: Yes, if you upgrade your plan from basic to business, you can get a discount of up to 50% Off on using the SEMScoop coupon Code ” SAVE20LTwhich I provided in this post.

What are the billing cycles on SEMScoop?

5 Ans: There are two types of the billing period (Monthly/Yearly) on all the SEMScoop plan.

Does SEMScoop Provide Money back guarantee?

Money Back Guarantee

6 Ans: Yes, SEMScoop provides 7 days money-back guarantee. In case, you don’t like the tool, take the full refund of your first payment within 7 days of purchase without any question asked.

Can I consider SEMscoop as a SEMrush alternative?

7 Ans: Yes, You don’t get features like the SEMrush tool in SEMscoop but yeah, it is an alternative to SEMrush. You can’t compare SEMrush with SEMscoop because SEMrush is a premium SEO tool for all your digital marketing needs from keyword research to link building.

Conclusion: SEMScoop Review 2021

If you want to rank websites in a competitive niche then SEMScoop is an extremely useful SEO tool for keyword research and analysis. More than 35,000 customers across the 195 countries use SEMScoop Keyword Tool. Find the right keyword and build a strong SEO strategy. Also, check the Learning Hub section to find the SEO comprehensive guide and Keyword Tool uses.

Hopefully, you have found this SEMScoop Review 2020 guide helpful.

You can start with a free trial, click here, and use Coupon Code “SAVE20LTon upgrade.

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