Jungle Scout Review 2022: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons (50%Discount)

If you are an Amazon Seller or looking to start a product selling business on Amazon but don’t where to start and how to grow then Jungle Scout is for you. If you are planning to invest in this tool, then do read our Jungle Scout Review to get detailed insights.

Jungle Scout Discount

If you are in any type of online selling business and looking for a one-stop solution to grow your sales or revenue by 3X, you must have a tool like 👉Jungle Scout.

So, I’m going to cover each and everything about this tool with the latest information in this Jungle Scout Review 2022. If it suits your requirement, you can try it.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a web-based tool that usually helps Amazon sellers to grow their business. It helps them in making the right decision about what to sell on Amazon for high profit. By taking matrices from Amazon, this task is performed.

This tool is available as a web application as well as a browser extension. This platform was created in 2015 by Greg Mercer, and now it has over 225,000 customers across the world.

As an Amazon seller, one needs to do product research, and it’s a time-consuming process. Also, for selling your product, you need to do lots of keywords and market research, which is time-consuming. Now, Jungle Scout comes in place.

Jungle Scout Discount

With this tool, you can easily estimate which product has less competition in the marketplace and which product brings more profit. So, now you can increase your earnings in less time and become a successful Amazon seller.

Jungle Scout provides one-stop solutions for starting and growing your Amazon FBA business. It helps you from finding products to selling online, optimizing lists, marketing your products, etc. This tool provides powerful data and resources that help you through the ever-changing landscape of Amazon and grow a successful business on Amazon.

This company has over 250 Amazon Experts from the Globe having headquarters in Austin, Texas, and two international offices. So, it is a worthwhile tool to try.

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What makes Jungle Scout so popular?

No doubt, Amazon is the world’s most trusted e-commerce and online marketplace in the world. It takes effort to establish here, and continuous efforts need to be constantly on your guard; you need to complete, do improvement, and more. So, to win here, you need the right strategies. And you need to consider so many things in this regard.

But Jungle Scout is an all-in-one tool that guides and provides solutions for everything on Amazon. You can do wonders in this business with their Resources, and tools.

It guides you from the very first starting your business on Amazon, helps in getting the best opportunities to maintain reputation and constant flow of income. To win this platform or any niche, this tool suggests the right steps which you should follow.

For beginner:

Jungle Scout will help if you are a beginner in the following ways:

  • Establish a profitable business
  • Helps in finding high demand products to sell

For existing business:

If your business already exists, then it helps you:

  • Getting more reviews
  • Create targeted campaigns
  • Provides finance insights

How does Jungle Scout work?

Jungle Scout provides a number of product research tools and Amazon seller software that help in finding the product which makes a profitable sale. Jungle Scout is available both as a Jungle Scout web app and a Jungle Scout chrome extension. A browser extension for Firefox is also there. Yes, these platforms offer different functionality.

Jungle Scout Discount

Let’s overview Jungle Scout features in detail.

Product Database:

Jungle Scout Product Research tool


Most people begin on Amazon by searching for products. Jungle Scout offers access to a database of over 70 million Amazon products. You can easily get product ideas based on your exciting niche. And can easily filter them via estimated sales, revenue, etc.

This feature offers you to choose a product based on:

  • Amazon categories
  • Marketplaces
  • Keywords
  • Price, ratings, rank, views, and other filters
  • Seller type
  • Keywords and
  • Product tier

There is another tool called Niche Hunter that helps find the best market that works best in your favor and the best product to get and sell.

Product Tracker:

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

It’s easy to track the performance of your product of interest by tracking product sales, prices, stocks, and ranking daily. This tool helps you find detailed insights such as inventory data and revenue of any Amazon Products at your fingertips.

You can easily track top-selling products’ revenue, ranking, and sales every day. Also, by tracking, one can make better and improved decisions for the business.

To improve your bid and launch strategy, one can analyze sales speed and average price. Track sales over time effectively with product Tracker.

Opportunity Finder:

Opportunity Finder helps in finding the perfect niche for your products and their trends. Opportunity Finder is a boon for you if you want to start your business with unique products. Start selling your products faster with the niche hunter tool Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Discount

It helps in finding different niches for products available in Amazon Databases. Opportunity Finder is the updated name of Niche Hunter.

To finalize the right niche for you, there are many filters:

  • Marketplace
  • Keywords
  • Product Categories
  • Niche score
  • Competition
  • Monthly search volume etc.

You can also measure product competition, demand, etc., with a Niche score.

Supplier Database and Tracker:

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

After finding the right product, the next big step is to find the correct manufacturer to source your product. With a supplier database, one can quickly get verified suppliers for your variety of products. Another bonus point is you can save supplier lists, generate purchase orders, and many more. In one place, you can easily track all the information.

With this tool, you can find qualified suppliers in your niches and see who are their top customers and what are the products they manufacture.

After saving lists of suppliers, you can easily compare them via

  • Total shipments
  • Top customers
  • Total customers etc.

Keyword Scout:

Keyword Scout

It’s a dedicated keyword research tool of Jungle Scout. Just type the keyword, and you will get results in a few seconds. This tool helps you get insightful data of your keyword and increase traffic to your product lists. Also, you can improve PPC campaigns.

It has also added some data sets for keywords which includes:

  • Trend
  • Category
  • Search volume
  • Ease to rank
  • Recommended Promotions and many more.

This feature is very useful as it helps you optimize user searches and give ideas about where you and your competitors are standing when you search for single ASINS.

Jungle Scout Discount

Sales analytics:

You don’t need any personal accountant on Amazon because sales analytics is enough for you. It tells you about where you are making a profit and where you are making losses. Apart from it, it also helps in tracking and organizing Amazon FBA sales data and expenses. This way, you can also improve and make decisions based on this analysis.

You can easily see your business performance with sales analytics as it helps you evaluate sales related to paid campaigns, fee tracking, money, etc.

The best part, it shows you all the key metrics to analyze sales performance and insights to reduce cost and how to increase profits from your Amazon store.

Amazon Sales Analytics

Profit overview:

You can see your profit overview as jungle scouts eliminate other additional costs and expenses and summarise revenue, net profit, goods cost. You can also break down this additional cost that is appearing in the payment. Apart from profit overview, one can also view losses in refunds, reimbursement, etc. If you want a more detailed view, then you can also see individual products’ profit and more.

There is so much to do with Jungle Scout for building and growing a successful business on Amazon. If you want to start a dropshipping business then try SaleHoo.

SaleHoo is  a worth tool for all your online selling business

Read this complete Jungle Scout review to know more about its features and offers.

Jungle Scout Discount

PPC Advertising:

For a better understanding of campaign performance, one can measure PPC-related sales and expenses. So, you compare how much was spent on the PPC campaign, how much revenue was generated from organic sales, the total amount of sales, etc.

Profit and Loss:

With Jungle Scout’s this feature, you can break your total revenue into various costs and profit to finally get a net margin. This feature also provides in-depth data related to PPC fees, taxes, transportation, shipping, etc. One can also store and download sales reports for tax purposes and can store them in various systems.

Inventory Manager:

To meet the demand for your products, you need to purchase more inventory, and the inventory manager will help you identify when you need to buy more inventory. Doing this is highly important for Amazon FBA businesses so that you will not end up spending more money and save your money on Amazon fees for storage.

Inventory Manager provides all the necessary information which will help you in finding out:

  • Date to reorder
  • Reorder cost
  • Inventory level
  • Inventory stock, i.e. you need more to order, or the item is in stock.
  • Reorder quality etc.

You can also check for individual products and watch inventory data for your set data range. Every day you can watch the number of sales per product.

Another great thing is that it will tell you how much it will cost you if you reorder inventory based on your data and how much return you will get on the investment. As sales trends change with time, you can change how Jungle Scout manages the inventory levels.

Listing builder:

Product listing on Amazon is not a cakewalk. You should be accurate while listing relevant keywords and optimizing for search engines. Lately, people used to make a list on the doc and then copy-paste it into the Amazon description.

But with a listing builder, directly import listings from Seller Central and do the optimizations. Jungle Scout also helps you by exporting them to Seller Central.

With a listing builder, one can either create new listings or update the existing ones. After keyword research from keyword scout, you can easily import the relevant keywords to the listing builder. And some extra filters are also offered, which you can apply to avoid duplications, capitalizations, special characters, etc.

Along with creating listings, Jungle Scout also recommends many ways to improve them.

Jungle Scout Discount

Rank Tracker:

Doing optimization is not enough; you also make sure your optimization efforts are generating results or not. In this regard, you can use a rank tracker to track your product’s ranking.

Apart from your rank tracking, you can also track and see your competitor’s rank trends. By entering product ASINS, Jungle Scout will let you know about top-ranking keywords and search volumes as per your niche to get traffic in Amazon search.


Jungle Scout offers to create promotions for your product sales. To attract more customers, you can set promotional dates, coupon codes, and discounted rates, etc. Within a few seconds, you can make promotions going on for your products.

Email Campaigns:

Jungle Scout offers tools to attract more customers. For this, you can create customized email campaigns that help you to reach your customers and boost sales.


Jungle Scout alert functionality addresses the main three issues which every Amazon seller has to be alert about. These three main aspects are:

  • Track Listing changes
  • Notified of any hacks
  • Monitor competitions

If any of these situations come, then you will instantly get notified. One can also customize product alerts. If your rating drops, then also you get notified and can also track reviews. Alerts save a reasonable amount of time. And also inform about hijack attempts. This way, you don’t need to check your site every moment to get instant alerts.

Jungle Scout Discount

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension:

Without Jungle Scout’s most popular and powerful functionality, i.e. its Chrome Extension, its review is incomplete. This is one of the most valuable and a handful of tools offered by Jungle Scout. With this functionality, doing product research is very easy. The Chrome Extension is an extension that installs on browsers and helps in finding keywords and estimating products.

Features of Chrome Extension:

  • Opportunity Score

You can use this tool only with extensions. There ranges from 1-10, where one score shows that one is looking for fresh ideas, whereas a score of 10 shows it’s a great opportunity.

The lower scores also indicate that demand is not much and competitors are doing great jobs already. By these scores, you can easily understand if the product you selected is profitable or not.

  • Keyword Cloud

One can get keyword ideas and even download them as this feature gives a list of relevant keywords on the specific selected page.

  • Stat Checker

Checking stats is extremely easy with a chrome extension. One can quickly validate insights with classical data.

  • Product-specific

With this amazing feature, you can dive into the specification of any product. One can view the price, estimated monthly sales, average price, and many more aspects.

  • Google Trends

To understand the demand over time of any product, one can see search trends. It’s not Amazon data but Google trends.

Jungle Scout Free Tools:

Jungle Scout offers amazing free tools. Let’s get an overview of these free tools.

FBA Profit Calculator:

Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator will provide you with a breakdown of fees relevant to order storage, shipping, etc. It happens that beginners sometimes miscalculate the generated profit via sales. This feature is only available in Chrome Extension.

The Listing Grader:

 Enter your product ASIN or URL and can find what place your listing is holding in the market. You can easily find out Amazon listing grades with this listing grader.

Amazon Sales Estimator:

You can check out the average monthly sales number of different product categories with this fantastic free tool. Just enter the top seller rank number, product category and calculate the above data.

Customer Support:

Jungle Scout provides many resources for its users, including extensive guides, podcasts, tutorials, case studies, webinars, and many more to guide you with ease about every feature and functionality. Apart from it, it recently launched an FBA training academy. You can also buy some products to improve your Amazon business. Talking about its customer support, it’s robust, responsive, and reliable.

Maximizing your earnings with Jungle Scout:

Many existing Amazon business owners improved their earning and profits and reduced their efforts by using Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout recommends incredible factors which will help you in improving your earnings:

Set the right price:

With Jungle Scout, one can quickly and efficiently analyze the price of any product and can also determine the best price, which brings out the maximum margin.

Get Specific:

You can start with products that are currently performing well and find the exact variation like color, size, etc.

Jungle Scout Discount

Find ways to stand out:

You can share with your users about your product, like how your product is different from competitors. You can point this out in your images and descriptions. You can resolve issues related to products by researching reviews.

Know your audience:

You can sell products based on your customer’s interests and attract them. For this, you can build an email list of customers.

Utilize Influencer Marketing:

You can connect to influencers who will review your products on social platforms to drive more sales.

Create a website or blog:

You can create a website or blog and write content related to your product niche, and it will help you attract customers if they search about your products. This says you can direct them to Amazon and scale your business with free traffic – Jungle Scout Review 2022.

Pros & Cons:

To more clearly understand Jungle Scout, let’s check out its pros & cons.

✅ Pros:

  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Provides strong customer support
  • Save time and predict the future demand for products
  • Offers to find the most trendy keywords that are profitable
  • Know about competitors and their ranking trends
  • Large access to supplier’s database
  • Beginner’s friendly
  • Avoid hijacks with instant alerts.


  • Pricing plans are pretty expensive
  • The mobile app is missing.
  • If you have a huge amount of products to manage, then inventory management becomes complex.
  • Improvement can be made in its Chrome Extension.

Jungle Scout Discount

Jungle Scout Pricing:

Jungle Scout offers different pricing plans. These are its three standard plans:

Jungle Scout Pricing

  • Basic Plan
  • Suite
  • Professional

Basic Plan:

Jungle Scout, this plan costs $49/mo, and you will get a 55% discount if annually billed. If you pay yearly, then it will cost you $29/mo. The basic plan offers a single-user license and full access to chrome extension and firefox.


✓ Single user

✓ 20 products tracker

✓ 500 estimates per month

✓ Three searches per day per tool

✓ 10 Marketplaces

Suite Plan:

The most popular plan of Jungle Scout is Suite. It costs $69/mo and $49/mo billed yearly. This plan is recommended if you want to manage your Amazon business effectively and expertly. This plan includes review automation, advanced seller features, and many more.


✓ Access to in-depth historical product and Keyword data

✓ Advance seller features

✓ Ability to add more users

✓ 150 products tracker

✓ Unlimited Searches

✓ Rank Tracker (3500 keywords)

Professional Plan:

Professional Plan monthly pricing starts from $129/mo, and if billed annually, it will cost $84/mo or $999 annually. This plan provides more access, a much better experience, more data, and many more.


✓ Track up to 1000 ASINS

✓ Six users included

✓ Priority onboard

✓ Unlimited Searches

✓ Rank Tracker (5000 keywords)

✓ Historical keyword data for two years

Jungle Scout plans offer a seven days money-back guarantee. And there are more package options available. These include weekly live Q & A’s, training courses, priority onboarding, etc. All these packages also come with a seven days money return guarantee.

Jungle Scout Alternatives:

Jungle Scout Discount

If you are dedicated to growing your FBA business, then Jungle Scout is the best software for you at the lowest price with lots of its features. But obviously, it’s not the only tool in the market; there are many alternatives to it that you can explore.

Here are some alternatives to Jungle Scout which you might like:

Viral Launch:

Viral Launch is the most formidable competitor to Jungle Scout. It also offers amazing and unique features and functionality at the best price.

Viral Launch is all about FBA launch services, including photography, listing optimization, managed marketing services, product launches, and many more. It also has product research abilities like Jungle Scout. But it’s tough to beat Jungle Scout in terms of product research and suppliers databases. I recommend you give it a try. It’s worth a try.


UnicornSmasher is another alternative to Jungle Scout. It’s best for product research, finding valuable and hidden products. Its accuracy is also excellent. Another great thing about this tool is that it’s a free tool. If you are a beginner and try this.


Another 100% free-to-use tool and alternative to Jungle Scout is Scope, and it is also one of its strong competitors. It is a good option if you want to improve sales and find good products. As it’s free, then there is no harm to check this one out.

Conclusion | Jungle Scout Review 2022:

Amazon is rapidly growing right now, and after reviewing Jungle Scout, no doubt there are so many opportunities available in Amazon because billions of people buy products every day from Amazon. If you build a profitable FBA business with the right product, then you can earn an excellent profit in this industry.

Amazon FBA is all about doing a well-researched product and selling it, and Jungle Scout helps you do the best Amazon research. So if you’re ready to start your Amazon FBA business right away, you can select this tool for your business to grow rapidly.

We hope after reading this article (Jungle Scout Review), you’ve detailed information about Jungle Scout, and you can make decisions to use this tool because we’ve covered all necessary details like its features, pros and cons, Pricing Plans, and alternatives. Now it’s your turn to use this tool to grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I mostly covered all the details with updated information in our Jungle Scout Review Article but still, you might have a few questions which are answered here.

Is Jungle Scout worth the money?

Jungle Scout is worth the money, depending on your time. You can yourself do the product research, but it’s complex, frustrating, and time-consuming. Jungle Scout, along with saving time, also helps in improving your sales and revenue at the same time.

But if you are a beginner and don’t have enough budget to invest in this tool and have good product research skills, then it’s not worth it to go with Jungle Scout.

Is Jungle Scout accurate?

Yes, it’s accurate. The data it provides is accurate, reliable, and updated. It is as accurate as possible, but no web tool offers 100% accuracy.

Is there a Jungle Scout free trial? 

No, it doesn’t have any free trial period, but it offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Jungle Scout Discount

Is there any free alternative to Jungle Scout?

Yes, Unicorn Smasher is a free tool that offers you to perform Amazon product research. But since it’s a free tool, it’s not that accurate and reliable as Jungle Scout does provide. Another alternative is Helium 10, which offers a free trial that you can try.

How good is its customer service?

Jungle Scout provides 24/7 customer support. They try their best to solve your queries or issues as early as possible. They are responsive and reliable.

What are the benefits of using Jungle Scout? 

Jungle Scout offers numerous benefits to its users, including proper guidance, resources, etc. It helps grow your business effectively and improves earning, and provides insight into your customers and products. It also helps in keeping track of your sales and competitors’ trends. There are a lot more which you can find on their official website.

Can I cancel Jungle Scout at any time? 

You can cancel your Jungle Scout subscription and use the plan until its billing period ends. It doesn’t offer prorated refunds but has a money-back guarantee.

Is Jungle Scout only for Amazon?

Yes, it offers a wide range of tools for Amazon FBA sellers. They provide free as well as subscription tools. If you want an all-in-one tool for online selling, SaleHoo is the best.

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