{Best Ways} How to Earn Money Online in India ($500/month)

How to Earn Money Online in India 2020 (No Scam, $500/month)

The Internet is an ocean of opportunities and information. Earning money online is not only dependent on a single factor. There are thousands of ways to earn money online in India without investment. In the last 5 years, I’ve tried lots of different ways of making money online and found some great passive income ideas which worked for me and 100% proven, No bullshit.

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Earn Money Online India without investment in 2020:

If you looking for quick ways or overnight success then you’re in the wrong place.

Don’t be greedy and avoid these if you don’t want any scams or money loss in the beginning.

  • Never pay a single penny for any membership (Work from Home Jobs). There are so many scams happening these days on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Stay away from scammers who provides jobs like Data entry or Copy paste jobs.
  • Don’t buy any course for quick learning at the starting of your online career.

First Learn to Earn Money Online without investment but How. Then this is for you.

  • Always focus on learning before earning
  • Find a mentor and build some connections with like-minded people
  • Learn and build some skills like Website designing, Content writing, SEO, SMO, Graphic designing, Video editing, etc. First, find your interest then invest in tools & Courses.

To make money online, all you need a laptop with a good internet connection and an initial investment of 5k-10K INR to build something profitable and long-term for passive income.

Now, let’s find out “how to earn money online in India without investment

If you are still reading and want to know “how to earn money online in India

Disclaimer: Earning depends on your skills, capabilities, research and many other factors. These are the best ways to earn money online as per my personal experiences.

10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India 2020:

Let’s get started!

1. Be your own Boss- Start Freelancing:

If you are good at something like Designing, Coding, Developing websites, Digital Marketing, etc then you should create an account on Fiverr immediately and get your first gig.

You can earn as much as you want but be patient and select your niche and provide quality work. Do a little bit of research and create a strong portfolio and make a good profile also.

5 Easy steps to get into Freelancing:

  • Identify your skills or expertise  and target the clients
  • Create an account on top freelancing websites to get more exposure
  • Be activate on all the major social media platform
  • Make an appealing profile on LinkedIn
  • Keep minimum charges for your services and get customer reviews

Top Freelancing websites list:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. PeoplePerHour
  5. Guru

Freelancing work requirements & benefits:

  • Set your own working hours
  • Work from home jobs
  • A laptop and internet connection required
  • Handle multiple clients at the same time
  • Unlimited earning potential business ideas

If you want to become your boss then freelancing is the best business idea which you can start without any investment. Earn money online in India up to 100000 Rs per month or more.

Watch this Youtube Video by Vivek Bindra for more information:

2. Blogging- Make Money Fast Online:

If you are looking for long-term and sustainable passive income ideas then start a blog. There are many Top bloggers in India who are making five or six-figure income every single month.

Let’s take an example of a famous blog ShoutmeLoud income report:

ShoutMeLoud Blog Income Report

There are many examples like  Harsh Aggrawal who made a fortune through blogging.

To start a blog, you need at least 50$ an initial investment for your domain and web hosting. Set up your blog on WordPress is very easy which you do it by yourself with the help of themes and some plugins. Buy hosting from Bluehost at $2.65/mo and get free .COM domain.

You need to learn some basics about content writing and SEO in the beginning or you can outsource work if you have money to invest in it. Please be patient with the results.

Roughly, it takes 3-6 months for new blogs to get rank on Google. Once it starts receiving traffic, you can monetize your blog with Adsense or other ad networks along with affiliate marketing.

Find a profitable niche for your blog and get a good domain name and web hosting. Write quality content on a regular basis and build backlinks by doing on-page and Off-page SEO.

I had taken the decision to start my first blog in 2016 which changed my life completely. Now, I’m doing full-time blogging and making an online living income. And, I can say this is the best way to make money online and you should start a blog also. Take action now!

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3. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best passive income ideas to earn money online without investment in 2020. To start affiliate marketing, you can do with your blog or without a website.

Simply, you have to register with merchants (which is totally free), and promote their products (they’ll provide you a unique link called an affiliate link) to make a commission.

The best ways to start an affiliate marketing business, signup as an affiliate on Flipkart, Amazon, and there are plenty of affiliate networks that you can also join later.

Now, let’s understand “What is an affiliate marketing” and “How it works

Affiliate marketing is a part of Digital marketing where you promote someone’s products through a unique link (Affiliate links) when they visit a merchant site and make a purchase, you receive a commission.

As you can see, I’ve promoted Amazon’s products and earned a small commission.

Amazon Affiliate Earning
Amazon Affiliate Earnings

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 2 years actively and made five-figure revenue from different products. There is a huge potential in this space, you can make unlimited money.

But, learn the basics and join the best affiliate networks in India and find the right products for your audience. It’s free to join as an affiliate, once they approve you then start promoting.

4. Micro Jobs – Get paid to work:

If you are looking to get paid for small tasks like complete surveys, cash offers, watch videos, app install, etc then join Clixsense or try these best PTC Sites (Get paid for clicking ads).

I’ve earned 50$ without doing anything over Clixsense and you can earn too. Join Now!

Clixsense Payment Proof
My Clixsense earning and payment

Join the micro-jobs website as much as you can and get paid to be a micro worker in India.

Fiverr is a top-rated marketplace for finding the thousands of microwork like graphic designing, blog writing, video editing, voice-over, and much more to earn money online from home.

There are many sites like Fiverr which you can join and earn more money online doing freelancing. Sell your skills and get paid for a job done and be your own boss.

5. Earn Money Online from Youtube:

People are making millions of dollars and you must know popular Indian YouTubers and some of the names are Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan bam, Amit Bhadana, Carryminati, who made their fortune on YouTube platforms. These guys have become a millionaire in a very short span.

If you want to be a successful YouTuber, create a channel, and start uploading videos. Before focusing on earning, create helpful videos if you are in education, financials, or tech niches.

You can also make funny, comedy, and vines videos that people can enjoy and laugh at while watching your videos. This is not an easy option but at least you can try with a long vision.

If you want to know “How to create a YouTube Channel and make money from it“. You can visit on YouTube, you will find tons of helpful information to quick start or watch this video.


You can monetize YouTube Channel with Adsense when you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in 12 months. Once your channel starts growing and has a minimum of 10000 subscribers, the brands will start approaching you for sponsorship or endorsements on your channel. There are many other ways which you use as well, for more read this thread.

Soon, I will write about this topic in-depth on my blog. Subscribe for more updates.

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6. eCommerce Business:

If you want to create a profitable online business then starting an eCommerce store is a great idea. The minimum investment required for this business is 10,000-1,00,000 Rs.

You need a domain and hosting to make a website. Buy hosting from Bluehost at a 75% Discount and get a domain name free for one year. Setup your store with Woocommerce and list your products. Initially, to make some sales, spend money on Facebook, and Google advertising.

Before starting an eCommerce business: First, learn the basics, find the niche, and do research then get into this business if you have an investment-ready for starting eCommerce. If you need any help in website designing and development, contact me at binod@binodjha.com.

7. Dropshipping:

If you are looking for a highly profitable and scalable business to earn money online in India 2020 then Create your first store and start selling on Shopify within few hours.

You can use this special link for 14 days free trial, Get started.

Starting a Dropshipping Business with Shopify is much easier. Find the products on Aliexpress, import it to your store, and make sales to generate profits. That’s it.

It’s not that easy it looks. Before starting anything online, you must read some blogs, watch Youtube videos, or take the help of a Dropshipping expert or ask in the community. Do some homework, learn the basics, and then create your first store.

If you want to know How to build a successful dropshipping business online, Read this. There are plenty of dropshipping tools and apps these days which you can use.

Also, The number of companies like Salehoo provides you all the resources for product research, a directory of suppliers and vendors, training, and access to the community (forum).

If you are a beginner then you can learn from these youtube channels.

For Hindi- Visit Here

For English – Visit here

These guys are doing extremely well in dropshipping. Learn from them, what to do, or what’s not in dropshipping. 100% live training for free, check this out now. I won’t recommend buying a paid course and stay away from fake gurus while you can learn on your own.

8. Stock Market and Crypto Trading:

To start trading in the Stock and Crypto Market requires some money. Also, learn the basics, types of trading, do some research and you need to open a Demat account.

There is a number of stockbrokers in India like 5paisa, Upstox, Zerodha, and many others that offer minimum brokerage charges up to 20 Rs/trade for intraday trading.

Identify your goals, stock holding, risks, investment and there is a lot of research and experience needed to pick the stocks. The same rule applies to Crypto Currency trading. To get started Crypto trading, the very first thing you need to have an account on an exchange where you can store and trade the cryptos with respect to other altcoins and currency.

These are the best crypto exchange in India and the name of them are WazirX, ZebPay, UnoCoin, Binance, etc. You can register for free and invest money in the top cryptocurrency. Hold, sell, or purchase, and make profits. Invest wisely, don’t invest without knowing the background of the company, partnerships, technology, future updates, etc

Top 10 CryptoCurrency to invest in India are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Monero (XMR)

To know more about news, market cap, Volume, Supply, etc, Visit CoinMarketCap

9. Make Money From Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter):

Honestly, Speaking There is no limit to earning online through social media like Facebook or Instagram. Influencers and celebrities make huge money just for sharing a post, videos, tweets from their page on different social media platforms and companies pay happily.

You can create a group or page on Facebook, publish content on regular basis, do AMA weekly, Add values to the communities, and promote it to grow members or followers.

Once, you surpassed 10K followers or fans on a Facebook page and groups then you start receiving a lot of messages from brands, startup owners, advertising agencies to collaborate. You can charge based on the types of content they want you to share.

Did you know, Virat Kohli charges a whopping Rs 1,35,66,749 for a single post on Instagram as per an economic times report. That does not mean you’re not a celebrity so how can you make money on Instagram or Facebook. Create a page in a niche like Politics, startup stories & news, Gaming, Finance, fashion, and beauty, sports, and share creativity. You can callable with other pages or group admin in the same niche or pay a small fee for sharing your page based on likes and followers they have. It helps grow your follower fast.

Once you have a significant amount of followers and start getting good engagement on each post, then brands start approaching you or you can do contact them as well.

Kylie Jenner became the world’s youngest billionaire and she has created two own brands names are @kyliecosmetics and @kylieskin. All she did with the help of Instagram.

10. Online Teaching:

Last but not least, become an online tutor and get paid for teaching students online. If you are a student, housewife, or working professional then this is the best online job for all.

The online education industry is growing very fast and the Indian e-learning market size was $247 million in 2016 and this is expected to become $1.96 billion by 2021.

India is the second-largest market for e-learning after the US. This is the golden opportunity to start a career in the online learning industry and grow exponentially.

Either you can be a teacher on Byjus, Unacademy, Vedantu, or sell courses on the best online learning platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, etc.

Register as a teacher and choose a subject to share with students through their platforms. The best part about online teaching jobs is you can earn 15000-25000 per month easily giving coaching 2-4 hours per day. The average earning of teachers on Vedantu is like:

Vedantu earn money

The registration and selection process to become an online tutor is very simple and quick. Register as a teacher on Vedantu and earn money from online teaching.

Final Thoughts:

The ways of online earning don’t stop here. I have shared the best and legitimate methods that are used for building a profitable long term business and earn money online passively.

To make money online in India, you need to have a laptop with a good internet connection and a PayPal account to receive money in your bank account.

Join PTC sites, GPT Sites, and become a captcha solver so that you can start earning from day one. Also, keep learning and exploring the opportunities which you can find on the Internet.

Pick the one business idea that suits you and work upon it to create a long term income source. Apart from that, build some high paying income skills and work from home to get paid online.

If there is anything you need help to get started or questions, do let me know in the comment.

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