Digital Marketing Expert in Delhi, India 2022

Are you getting started an online business or want to reach the targeted audience through various platforms then you need to hire a Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi?

Now, you might have questions like;

  • How to find the best Digital Marketing Expert in India?
  • Who is the Digital Marketing Expert near me?
  • What is the Consultation fee for a top Digital Marketing expert in India?
  • What types of services are provided by a Digital Marketer?

All the above question’s answers will be covered in this guide.

Let me first introduce the “Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

A marketing method that is used to advertise or endorse the brands through various digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Digital marketing is also known as Online marketing or internet marketing.

There are different components of digital marketing such as:

PPC (Pay-per-click)
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Affiliate marketing
Native advertising

All of these Digital marketing activities have their own significance which varies from business to business. A digital marketing expert can help you grow faster.

However, business growth depends on the budget, channels, and strategies used by a digital marketing specialist to achieve the result in a given time duration.

Why should you hire a Digital Marketing Consultant?

As we’ve seen, millions of offline businesses went shut down and small business owners are facing very hard times, especially since the Covid 19 hit in India.

Only the business has survived during the Covid19 pandemic because they have an online presence and grown their business revenue in the multifold.

The biggest problem in India is that most business owners even don’t know how to use digital marketing to grow their business and they don’t have a digital presence.

If you really need to grow your business and the revenue then you have to use Digital Marketing effectively. You should make a consultation first with a Digital marketing consultant in India. They know how to help businesses scale from the scratch.

Here are the things you need to evaluate before hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant.

  • Result oriented marketing approach
  • Have Industry rich experience
  • How can they help you build a brand
  • What are the time and budget required for the campaign?

Always tell your business objectives with him so they can plan and scale accordingly.

Who is the best Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi?

When you search for the “best Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi“, you can see a hell lot of people who claim themselves the top digital marketer in India.

There are very few names in the industry who are really good but you can’t hire them because they only take high-paying clients who have a big marketing budget.

You might not know about me (Binod Jha) but here I’m giving you my brief introduction.

In education, I’ve done my Master of computer application (MCA) in 2017. At that time, I was running a blog “EasyKhoj” which is completely in the Digital Marketing niche. After working with several Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi for 3 years, I left that job and became a freelance digital marketing consultant and started serving clients.

In 2019, I found my digital marketing agency (WeRankZ) where we offer complete digital marketing services and web development solutions across the globe.

In the last 5 years, I established myself as the Best Digital Marketing consultant and a blogger from India. I learned and tried all the methods that actually work in Digital marketing and helped many small businesses to grow from scratch.

Now, I’m focusing on building a personal brand and scaling my Digital Marketing agency. If anything that I can help you with, please write us at

How to find a Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi?

Finding the right Digital marketing specialist or expert for your company is really a tough job. So, here I am as a digital marketing consultant can the pain of business owners who face a lot of challenges because of not having the right guidance.

If you hire me as a Digital Marketing consultant in Delhi, I can help you with my best Digital marketing strategies to leverage your business revenues multiple times.

As I have seen, most startups and brands are dead in the early stage because they think they can’t compete with big brands because they don’t have a big budget or the right team to grow. Don’t worry, I am always with enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Example of Boat Lifestyle which was founded by “Aman Gupta” who took advantage of digital marketing and grew their business in a highly competitive market and became India’s leading wearable lifestyle device in a very short time span.

What can I do as a Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi?

If you hire me as a Digital marketing consultant, I can assure you leverage my strategic approach to generate more revenue with our world’s class consulting services.

I will be responsible for handling and managing all the digital channels to reach new customers, monitor the performance, build brand awareness, and generate high-quality leads. Every digital marketer has different approaches and strategies based on the type of products, services, industry competition, and business objectives.

Here are my key Digital Marketing Skills:

Brand building

We help you build the brand using our unique and 100% working strategies with powerful marketing tactics.

Content Marketing

This is the most effective marketing strategy that businesses use to attract, engage, and upsells their products by creating useful content in the form of Video, Audio, and infographics.

This is a paid advertising method that is used to drive traffic, generate leads and promote local businesses on Google.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is also a very popular marketing method where we promote products or services on various social media platforms.

Lead generation

Get your potential customer’s contact details through different marketing methods who are interested in buying.

Keyword Research

Choosing the target keyword is very important to grow your business if you sell something or make money with blogging.

Local SEO

Get more visibility of your business in the local area of Google search results.

Research and Analysis

We do competitive research on our client’s businesses by experts and analyze reports.

Sales Funnel Design

We help our clients to build a profitable sales funnel.

How much do I charge for Digital Marketing consulting?

Honestly speaking, Charges varies for a Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi on the types of project and time incurred to finish that. Also, it depends on various factors like the quality of work and the results you want.

I do charge for each individual task that you want me to help in SEO, Adwords, content marketing, etc. So, if you want result-oriented and quality work then I can be a better option than the most Digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR/Noida.

If you are looking for the best Digital marketing consultant in Delhi for your company to increase the revenue and quality leads? I would like to help you.

Simply send me an email at or meet me for a coffee if you are around in Delhi/NCR so we can discuss the project and strategies in detail.

FAQs: Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi

Who is Binod Jha?

Binod Jha is a professional blogger, affiliate marketer, and Digital Marketing Consultant based in Delhi, India. I help startups and small businesses to get online and scale using my proven digital marketing skills with guaranteed results.

How can you contact me?

I am available on all major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where you can directly send me a message with your project details.

Also, you can write an email to me at

What is my Digital Marketing Consulting Charge?

My consulting charge is not too high or so cheap but I can assure you there will be no hidden charges. I only charge for the project basis which is very affordable. If you are a startup or running a small business can afford me!

What is the mode of Payment I accepts?

As per our Indian or international clients’ convenience, I use all payment methods such as Bank A/C, UPI, Google Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin as well.

What are the Digital Marketing Services I offer?

These are the additional digital marketing services that I offer to clients.

Web Designing & Development
Search engine optimization
Content Writing
Video creation
Online Reputation Management
Guest posting services
Blogger Outreach Service
Influencer marketing
Graphic Designing
Social Media Marketing (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram)

Digital marketing is one of the effective and affordable ways to promote a business across the world and improve its online presence. Take advantage and grow your business exponentially. If you are looking for the best Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi that can help your business to skyrocket with proven skills and guaranteed results, I will be glad to be associated with your company.

What are you waiting for? Book a consultation call with me today!

If any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact me at

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