Clixsense Review 2022: Ysense Survey Tricks with Payment Proof

In this Clixsense Review 2022, I’ll tell you “How I earned $50 free from Ysense” If you are interested in making money online without investment then this is the right place.

As you can see, I’ve joined Clixsense in 2014 and tried lots of PTC sites but this was my favorite one. At that time, I was in college and looking for the best ways to earn money online. And, I left this because I’ve to focus on blogging and other online businesses.

Clixsense or Ysense is one of the trusted platforms to earn money online and if you are a student, housewife, or part-time job seeker then this could be the best option.

My Clixsense earning and payment proof is attached here:

Clixsense earning payment proof

However, there are plenty of such sites like Fiverr where you can get paid for tasks (GPT). If you want to earn online without investment, this is the trusted and legitimate platform that pays users for completing free paid surveys, tasks, and cash offers.

What is ySense (Clixsense)?

Clixsense is one of the best GPT Sites on the internet which are trusted and paying since 2008. It pays you for completing small tasks, offers, referrals, and surveys, etc.

Now, you might have a question “what is GPT” that means “Get Paid To


Get paid for small tasks, offers, and online surveys. There are multiple earning options and receive money through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Gift Card.

Earning extra cash by spending a few minutes daily to create an income source is not bad. You don’t have to pay a single penny for joining, it’s free. Join Now!

Ysense is a global online community (online reward website) that helps people like me and you to earn extra money from all over the world. Prodege, LLC who owned Clixsense and helps market researchers and others who rely upon customers’ opinions or offer a variety of reward opportunities in the form of surveys, online tasks, and cash offers.

They offer you additional ways to earn extra cash by playing games, completing surveys, surfing ads, watching videos, etc. Also, you can earn by referring to others.

The reward can vary from 0.01 to 10$ depending on the location and the interest of the users. So, always fill in the correct information while signing up at Clixsense.

The best thing, all you can do from your smartphone sitting at home, and anyone can join it free and earn money online working part-time. Also, you can multiply your earning by downloading apps, signing up for websites, and shopping, etc.

Clixsense Review 2022: How to Join and earn money?

Signing up at Clixsense is free. All you need to do, Click here and create an account. You have to give your email and choose a password. Now, you will receive a confirmation link from Ysense (Formerly Clixsense) to your registered email.

Click on that link to activate your account, log in and you’ll be asked to enter details like Name, email address, phone number, profile image (Avatar), and payment method.

After registering and confirming, Now log in to your account and click on “Update” it will take you to another page where all the ways of earning are displayed. Just follow them.

Things required to make money online even from Clixsense:

If you want to make money online, there are a few things required to get started.

  • Email Address
  • Payment options (PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill)
  • Smartphone or Laptop with an internet connection
  • The time needed as well

If you don’t have an account yet on PayPal or Payoneer, do sign up here. It’s free and easy to receive payment from worldwide digitally to your bank account.

Ways to Make Money on Clixsense:

Ysense offers lucrative ways to earn money online with unlimited earnings potential. This is a legit micro job site where anyone can join for free and earn money by spending a few hours daily to complete tasks, surveys and get paid for trying different products.

How he made over $81,000 from Clixsense?

Clixsense is one of the genuine and trusted survey sites that give the opportunity to people who want to make a good income (Extra cash) out of it without investment.

Making money online with zero effort by spending 15-30 minutes daily has been never easier, you can’t find sites like Clixsense which is 100% legit, and high-paying PTC sites. You can create your side income source by putting little effort and time into it.

With Ysense, you can earn a handsome income and I’ll tell “How you can make $300-$500 monthly?” very easily. So, if you are ready to get started then join now.


So, let’s find what are the available money-making options in ySense.

1. Paid Surveys Online:

Clixsense Surveys are the most popular way to earn money. So, after creating an account try to participate in the survey opportunities to make more money.

You receive survey invites based on your profile, update it before answering the surveys questions. Surveys rewards vary based on the time required to complete them.

Most surveys pay instantly if you qualify. The surveys marked with red flag pay only in about 30 days after completing the surveys. You can click on each survey only once.

Clixsense Surveys

Ysense survey tricks:

To complete the surveys, you have to answer the given questions asked and you will get a reward in the form of cash which usually takes 5- 25 minutes depending upon the time.

How do Clixsense surveys work?

Surveys help the brands or companies to get feedback by collecting data and input from potential customers so that they can improve and launch the products in the markets.

All you have to join Clixsense and participate in the surveys opportunities to make more money in your spare time. Make sure, you give honest opinions to the surveys.

To participate in ySense survey, you can follow the steps stated below.

> At first, login to your ySense account (if not joined yet, do signup now)

> Go to the Surveys tab as shown in the image below

> Click on each survey once if you are qualified to answer or not

Each survey has given:

  • Survey ID
  • Name of Survey Panel
  • LOI (Length of the interview)
  • Reward

When you click on the survey, it will redirect to a new page where you will be asked to enter basic details. Once you enter the asked information correctly if you qualify then complete the survey otherwise you get a message like this “Sorry, keep trying“.

2. Daily Survey Routers:

Survey Routers be like:

Clixsense survey routers

Daily survey Routers are the surveys that give you access to surveys unlimited times per day. Some routers allow one survey to complete per day. If you do not qualify for some surveys, don’t worry try to attempt as many surveys as possible.

I will recommend you keep trying to find the surveys for which you are eligible. At least Login 2 times a day and participate in fresh surveys to get more chances to earn.

3. Clixsense Offers:

Ysense offers

These are Ysense offers which you complete and earn more cash. Offers and amounts can vary depending upon the user’s locations and the information mentioned in your profile.

Each offer has clearly mentioned the tasks you have to perform which can be anything like downloading an app, signup, shopping, etc. Login to your Clixsense account and participate to win a reward. Tasks will be very easy and take some time.

For some offers, you will be get paid in term of Clixsense points which is called “ClixCents” that you can convert equivalent to dollars and withdraw through a payment wallet.

4. Clixsense Appen Tasks:

This is another way to earn more money in Clixsense.

To complete the tasks, log in to your Clixsense account and you will find the “Tasks” option on the top, click on it. It will show you the available tasks provided by the Crowdsourcing service called Appen. It was formerly called Figure Eight & Crowdflower.

Daily new tasks have been added, you need to log in and complete them as per the instructions. You can complete as many tasks as possible, there is no limit.

It totally depends upon you How many tasks you complete daily, it’s simple and easy to do. You can find the “Top Tasks Workers” at the bottom of the task page.

5. Affiliate Program:


You can leverage your income through Clixsense Affiliate Program. All you have to refer a person who is interested in making money online when they complete surveys, you earn a straight 20% commission doing nothing. You can make a stable and unlimited income.

With Ysense affiliate program, you can earn up to 30% recurring commission for a lifetime. Grab the opportunity and promote your referral link to make new referrals. The more you make referrals, the more you earn for free. Join ySense Now!

There are two types of income you can do with it:

  1. You earn a signup commission of $0.10-$0.30 depending on the selected countries
  2. Also, You get $2 extra as a bonus when your referrals earn their first $5


Earn up to 30% whopping commission for every survey and offer completed by your referrals. Get your affiliate link by logging Clixsense account in the “Affiliate section“.

This way you can make more money by completing offers, surveys, tasks, and referring others. Also, Download the ClixAddon chrome Extention to your PC browser. It helps you notify instantly when there are any offers, surveys, or tasks available.

How you can earn $300-$1000 from Clixsense?

Let’s assume, you referred 50 people in a month and each of your referrals earns 20$ monthly from different activities (Surveys, tasks & offers) on Clixsense. Your total earning will be at the end of the month $20 x (30/100)= $6X 50 (referral) 300$ (INR 22000).

In Clixsense, you can also earn from tier II affiliates as well. Suppose, You refer 50 people every month and those 50 refer other 50 people if this happens, do your math.


You can really make a passive income from ySense if you take it seriously and complete all the tasks, surveys, and offers daily. Do not forget to refer your friend or family.

Join ySense here and watch this video for a complete Clixsense review & tutorial.

Pros & Cons of Clixsense:

This is your right to know the advantages and disadvantages of ySense (Formerly Clixsense). In this Clixsense review 2021, I’ve listed some pros & cons which are:


  • It’s free to join (No registration fees)
  • 100% legit and paying site
  • Easy to set up your account
  • Fast and quick to get started
  • Anyone can signup from across the world
  • You can make money in your spare time
  • Earn some extra cash


  • There are very chances to qualify for surveys
  • Tasks and offers are time-consuming
  • A reward is very low as compared to other online jobs

Do’s and Don’t in Clixsense:

✅ Login to your account and Download the ClixAddon Chrome extension to get notified whenever new tasks, offers, and surveys are available to participate and earn more.

✅ Be consistent and complete all the available tasks, offers and surveys daily

✅ Try to refer more people at least 5 every day on social media

❌ Don’t enter false information while creating an account

❌ Do not use VPN or other software or use fake inputs

Conclusion on Clixsense Review 2022:

Clixsense (ySense) is a very reputed site that has started in 2007 and still paying its users for honest answers or opinions. If you are searching for an online income opportunity to make money without investment, this could be your best choice.

With Clixsense, you can easily make 300-500$ while working from home if you are a college student, housewife, and part-time job seeker.


It may take some to earn a decent income but it is possible. You have read my honest opinion, ySense survey tricks in this Clixsense review blog post.

If you are ready to start then join Clixsense by clicking here (It’s free)

Do let me know if you have any questions and you can see my Clixsense Payment proof also. It’s 100% genuine and trusted PTC sites that still paying. You can try it.

All the very best! Keep learning and earning online🚸

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