Clixsense Review: How to Earn Money From ySense (with Proof)

ClixSense Review 2021: Best ways to Earn Money with Proof ($50)

Hey! if you are one of the people who are searching for the best ways to earn money online without investment then ySense (formerly Known as Clixsense) can be a good option.

When I was in college, I had a search to make money online then I found an article about Clixsense where he shared “How I earned 80,000$ from Clixsense with payment proof” that shocked me. I was thinking, is it possible or just a scam or Ponzi scheme like MLM marketing but my friend I found this is a legitimate method where people are earning more than that.

In this Clixsense review India, I’ll share the complete process to join Clixsense and my strategy with proof that can help to earn 10-50$ very easily without doing anything.

There is no doubt, there are plenty of ways to earn money online but if you are new to the concept of online money-making then get started with Clixsense and earn your first dollar.

I’ve tried all the possible ways from PTC sites to freelancing sites like Fiverr to earn my first dollar $ online and finally, Clixsense was the first platform that helped me to achieve that.

However, it is time-consuming if you are self earning by completing surveys, tasks, and offers. On the other side, you can earn a good amount by referring to people who are interested in making money online. You can consider Clixsense as a side income project.

Always remember “Consistency is a key to success

If you are a college student, housewife, and working professional who wants to earn money online without investment and zero effort then Ysense can be a good option.

 Join Clixsense Now! it’s free

Clixsense, Clixsense payment

However, I’m not working on this GPT site anymore but still earning as you can see.

What is ySense (Clixsense)?

Clixsense is one of the best GPT Sites on the internet which are trusted and paying since 2008. It pays you for completing small tasks, offers, and surveys. I’ve received four payments yet.

Now, you might have a question “what is GPT” that means “Get Paid To

You will get paid for each task, offers, and online surveys complete. There are multiple earning options and payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Gift Card, etc.

Earn extra cash by spending a few minutes daily and create a passive income source. You have to work hard and I can guarantee you earning 5 figures from Clixsense is not a big deal.

Clixsense is a global online community that follows the simple online business model where advertisers get traffic and input from the potential customers in return they pay for it.

They offer you additional ways to earn extra cash by playing games, completing surveys, surf ads, watching videos, etc. Also, you can earn by referring Clixsense to your friends.

The reward can vary from 0.01 to 10$ depending on the region and interest you have in profile. Make sure, enter the correct information while signing up at Clixsense.

The best thing, all you can do from your smartphone sitting at home, and anyone can join and earn money from it by completing small tasks & offers. There are various additional ways to multiply earning by downloading apps, signing up for websites, and shopping, etc.

Clixsense Review: How to earn from Ysense?

Before moving ahead, all you need to do sign up for Clixsense by clicking here.  Now, you will receive a confirmation link from Ysense (Formerly Clixsense) to your registered email.

Click on that link to activate your account, log in and you’ll be asked to add details like Name, email address, phone number, profile image (Avatar), and payment method.

Once you have all done that as I mentioned above then login and click on “Update” it will take you to the page where all the ways of earning are shown. Get started, now!

What are the things required to earn money from Clixsense?

Let me clear you, few important things you must have to get started which are:

  • Email Address
  • Payment Methods (PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill)
  • Smartphone or Laptop with an internet connection
  • Daily 10-30 minutes work needed

If you don’t have an account on any of the payment methods required then create it now. It’s very easy and free. I would recommend Payoneer, click here to register.

After creating a Payoneer account then you have to add bank details and once it verifies, update it. Till then, you can join Clixsense and start earning by completing tasks.

What are the Ways to Earn Money Online from Ysense (Clixsense)?

After you’ve done registration and account set up at with all the information, now you are ready to make money with these options. I’ll explain all methods that ySense gives which you can use to increase and earn more money with it.

Let’s get started!

If you work seriously and put all the effort then I can guarantee you, it can give you a big chunk of money in the coming 1-2 years. But, starting 3-6 months earning might be slow.

You don’t have to invest a dime in it so, give your time and make passive income from Clixsense.

So, let’s find what are those money-making options.

1. Paid Surveys Online:

This is the main earning source that can help you make 10$ or more in a day. Just you have to log in twice or thrice in a day and go to the surveys section logging into your Clixsense account and find all the available surveys as you can see in the image below.

Clixsense Paid Surveys

There are two types of surveys which are:

  • Survey Invites
  • Daily Survey Routers

To get such high-paying paid surveys, you need to complete the Clixsense survey profile and participate in these surveys daily to increase income online free.

Fill in the accurate information about your age, education, hobby, income, interest to your survey profile so that you can get maximum paid surveys daily and earn more.

These survey opportunities pay instantly if you qualify and complete them. Each survey may be clicked only once and pay you a minimum of $0.25 to $2 or even more.

The amount can vary according to the time spent to complete a survey. Red flag 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 marked surveys pay in about 30 days after completion. Must Click on each survey once daily, complete it if you qualify, and sometimes if you don’t qualify that means your profile is not suitable.

Don’t worry about rejection, it happens in all the field of life but try to attempt the surveys that are available in your survey invites section and complete if you are qualified.

What are you waiting for? Create your account with Clixsense Today! Join Now.

2. Daily Survey Routers:

Daily survey routers
Clixsense Daily survey routers

Daily survey Routers are the surveys that give you access to surveys unlimited times per day. Some routers allow one survey to complete per day. If you do not qualify for some surveys, don’t worry try to attempt as many surveys as possible. I will recommend you keep trying to find the surveys you are eligible for. Login 2 times a day and participate in available surveys.

3. Clixsense Offers:

Clixsense offers

You can earn more by completing these different types of offers as you can see in the above screenshot. These offers are available on different company’s website that you have to complete by following the given instruction. All you have to create an account with Clixsense (it’s free) and log in then go to the “Offers” you will find all the available offers.

The task will be like signup for different websites, downloading some apps, get paid & earn cash back on shopping from your favorite portals, playing games, and other activities.

For some offers, you will be get paid in term of Clixsense points which is called “ClixCents” that you can convert equivalent to dollars and withdraw through preferred payment option.

4. Clixsense Tasks (Jobs):

Clixsense Tasks

Earn extra by completing small tasks. These tasks are provided by Appen (formerly Figure Eight & Crowdflower), a crowdsourcing service that enables you to work on small tasks giving you the opportunity to earn some extra cash online. This way you can earn more, complete as many offers as possible. Login to your account daily and check new tasks added frequently.

If you don’t find many jobs, click the given job link and sign in or create an account on the Appen platform. All the jobs will be available once you signed in.

5. Affiliate Program:

Clixsense Affiliate Program

This is one of the best ways which you can use and make unlimited income with the Clixsense affiliate program. To do so, register and create an account by clicking here.

Copy your referral link and share it with your friends or promote them on different social media platforms. The more people will join, the more you will earn.

You can earn up to 30% lifetime recurring commission from the 1st level and 0.05% from the 2nd level what your referrals make money from different activities.

There are 3 types of income from Ysense affiliate program which are:

  • Instant referral commission of $0.10 or $0.30 from the selected countries.
  • You get a 2$ bonus when any of your referrals earn 5$ from Clixsense.
  • You earn a whopping 20% commission when your referrals complete every approved survey, offer, and task. You can increase commission up to 30%, know more.


Let’s assume, you referred 50 people in a month and each of your referrals earns 20$ monthly from different activities (Surveys, tasks & offers) on Clixsense. Your total earning will be at the end of the month $20 x (30/100)= $6X 50 (referral) 300$ (INR 22000).

Conclusion: Clixsense Review 2020

In this Clixsense review, I’ve shared all the ways and my strategy that can help you to earn money online without investment from Clixsense fast. Also, I’m giving you some tips and tips to increase your Clixsense earning below and use all the earning methods available.

  1. Login to your Clixsense account twice a day and check the available offers, surveys & tasks. Try to complete as many as possible if you qualify for that.
  2. Make 5 referrals every day and explain to him/her about the various earning options.
  3. Download the ClixAddon Chrome extension so that, Whenever new surveys, tasks, & offers will be available, you’ll get notified instantly.

By following all the above tips & tricks, you will be able to earn 500$ per month within the next 4-6 months. I’m sure, if you work consistently in Clixsense then definitely you will earn that much of amount very easily. My friend, Clixsense is a 100% genuine and paying GPT site.

Join Clixsense Today! and Make Money Online without Investment

Also, let me know in the comment if you need any help regarding Clixsense. Please share it! 😍

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