10 Best Highest Paying PTC Sites Without Investment in 2021

10 Best PTC Sites (Earn Money Online) Without Investment in 2021

Whenever someone asked me about the easiest and simplest ways to earn money online without any investment, my first answer is you should join the Highest Paying PTC sites.

Most of us spend time on the internet but didn’t earn a single penny. So, if you are the one who wants to earn money for doing what you love on the internet then How cool that would be?

As you know, there are plenty of sources from that you can make a big chunk of money using a smartphone or laptop with the internet. The best part you don’t have to pay anything for getting started and anyone can do it. IT’S FREE! No Age Limit, No location dependent.

In such Best PTC sites, you get paid for clicking on ads, completing small tasks, review, downloading apps, surveys, and referring people. You can earn a good amount of money by joining free GPT (Get-paid-for) websites and works few hours a day.

In this post, I’ll share the 10 Best Highest paying PTC sites without investment in 2021. These are 100% verified, trusted, and genuine PTC sites. I’ve seen that 80% of Paid to click websites are fake and fraudulent. Use your spare time to make extra cash from the Internet.

Making money online part-time with these PTC websites, you need to register on the top 10 free PTC Sites and earn some real cash by completing surveys, ad clicks, and small tasks.

There are very few sites that still pay to the members on time so, I can say these are legit and trusted best PTC sites in India without investment to make money online.

10 Best & Highest Paying PTC Sites in 2021:

Are you looking for the best PTC sites without investment to earn money online? This is the easiest way if you are just starting. Online earning never been easier by clicking ads and completing surveys. This a great income opportunity for beginners who can spend a few hours on the internet and click on ads or complete the surveys to get paid. If you are seeking Home-based part-time jobs and want to add little extra cash to your bank with your regular job. 

This is very simple and the best way to earn money online without investment who have an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop. There is no limit to earning but you can earn a handsome income of 50-200$ per month if you take it seriously. The best thing about these high-paying PTC sites, you don’t have to pay a single penny, registration is completely free.

What are PTC sites?

The PTC sites (Paid to click) are the websites that pay members for viewing ads, completing surveys, downloading the app, and various activities. Anyone can join and complete the Mirco jobs to get paid. Advertisers buy the credit for displaying the ads (Banner or Text ads) on the PTC sites to reach an audience and publishers earn by completing small tasks and referring others.

For registration, you need a valid email address, PayPal, or other payment processors as per the that given sites pay the earning to members after qualifying the minimum threshold amount.

There are some of the best PTC sites that pay 10$ per click in India. Name of the such Highest Paying PTC sites, I’m sharing the below with all the information to get started.

Top 10 Best PTC Sites in 2021:

Here, I’m sharing the genuine and trusted PTC sites. Join all of the highest paying paid-to-click sites and earn a lot of online money free. Let’s have a look at those top PTC sites.

1. Ysense (Formerly Clixsense.com):

Clixsense is an online rewards website to Earn extra money by completing online tasks, take surveys, offers, and many other reward opportunities for everyone. Ysense.com is a part of Prodege, LLC which is an American Online Marketing company based in El Segundo, California. They conduct market research through Polling programs and pay a reward for honest feedback.


This is the best PTC site so far. I have tried various paid-to-click sites but it is the highest trusted and recommended if you want to earn good money doing work from home.

They have different reward opportunities for members that you can use for increasing your earning.  Paid Surveys, Cash Offers, Appen Tasks, and Referral bonuses are the main source of online earning on the Clixsense website. Join it free by clicking here!

Earn free cash online with Ysense. It has multiple earning options Like Paid online surveys, Cash offers, Appen Tasks, and many more. This site has created and started in 2007, they have been paid out more than 35 million dollars to the 9 million members so far.

Get paid via Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, and Amazon Gift Card. Also, you can earn a 30% referral commission for a lifetime. I have seen some of the people in the industry have earned over 100000 dollars from Clixsense. You can earn it too with it for free. Join Clixsense Now!

I also earned from this approx 50$ as you can see in the earning report and received 4 payments. So, I can say, this is the best PTC site that is trusted and genuine that pays on time.

You can read the complete guide and my strategy with payment proof in this Clixsense review.

Clixsense Earning
My Clixsense earning proof

2. NEObux:- Trusted and legit PTC site:


This is the most reliable and high paying PTC sites, it has several options to multiply your earning. You can earn up to 0.02$ per ad click and 0.01$ per rental or direct referral clicks.

If you know the strategy of how to work then earning 50-500$ per month is not hard with it. They pay instantly to your e-wallet. The minimum balance required to withdraw is 2$. The best thing, you don’t have to pay any upfront charges to join, it’s 100% free. Later, you can upgrade your membership and grab some rental referrals to increase the earning. Also, share the links on social media and make some direct referrals and guide them to click on ads daily and be active.

Earn a 50% referral commission, join it for free. SignUp on NeoBux

3. You Cubez:

you cubez

This is also of the best PTC sites that have over 494k+ members and 20,000 payment processed so far. You can get paid to take surveys, watch videos, complete offers, and earn 15% referral commission as well. It has stared in 2007 and found 100% legit & paying.

Like other PTC sites, it offers you free registration for anyone in the world.

4. Wad.Ojooo.com:

Ojooo is one of the leading and highest Paying PTC sites without investment. It allows users to join free and get paid for watching ads, complete small tasks, and offers with Persona.ly Offerwall. It pays up to $0.04 per click. You can make unlimited direct referrals and a huge earning potential. There have multiple options to increase your earning. Get up to 9.20$ for a membership upgrade as well. Joining is 100% free and gets started by clicking here.

5. Scarlet Clicks:

scarlet clicks

Scarlet Clicks is a Popular and legit paying PTC site that has paid over $2.3 million cash to 100k members. Get paid up to 0.01$ per click and earn a 100% referral commission. It has multiple options to increase your earning by viewing ads, Scarletgrid, and cash offer from different reward sharing companies. You can join it free and withdraw payment via Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Payeer, and Bitcoin. The minimum payout is 2$, Signup here

FAQ about Highest Paying PTC Sites:

Q1: Do PTC Sites really Pay?

Answer: Yes, You can earn up to 0.05 per ad click if you join the above trusted PTC sites. You can earn even more by their referral programs up to 100% commissions. To earn more, register on more than 5 PTC sites and you have to work regularly to get a good payout.

Q2: Are These PTC sites Legit?

Answer: Yes, but finding legit PTC sites is really a challenging task. The most trusted and high-paying PTC Sites are NeoBux, Clixsense, Scarlet-Clicks, Ojoo and there are many but these are the best PTC sites in India. There are very few legit PTC SITES which I already talked about.

Q3: How Can I earn money from PTC sites?

Answer: To Earn Money Online with PTC sites, register on Top 5 PTC Sites which are absolutely free. Watch ads and complete all the micro-tasks like surveys, and participate in other activities and refer people as much as you can through your unique referral link.

Q4: Are PTC sites legal in India?

Answer: Yes, It is 100% legal. Try to join those PTC sites which pay on time through Paypal. It can be your best earning which is very easy to do, just spend 1-2 hours daily in completing all the tasks. Online earning from PTC sites is legal and open for worldwide people to join.

Q5: Which is the Best PTC site in India?

Answer: All the PTC Sites that I’ve shared in this post are the best PTC Sites in India without investment. Some of the trusted Paid to click sites are ySense, Neobux, Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, and Ojoo, etc. The list may go on but these are the best PTC sites in India.

Q5: How Can I Get Paid from PTC sites?

Answer: All the PTC sites have different payment methods but PayPal is the most common way to get payment from PTC sites. You can also withdraw your payment via Payoneer, BTC, etc. For more, you can check on the PTC sites website and what is the minimum payment they process.

My Thoughts on PTC Sites:

There are many other PTC sites but I can say these are the best PTC sites in India. You can earn up to $5000 a month with Highest Paying PTC sites by clicking ads to get paid.

These are 100% trusted and genuine Paid to click sites that can help you easily earn by completing surveys, participate in the cash offer, watch videos, Click ads, and many other ways to increase earning. Do join these PTC sites and complete the tasks, it hardly takes 20-30 minutes a day and creates a sidewise income doing part-time work and make money online.

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