10 Best Free Podcast Name Generator 🎙️ in 2021

Best Free Podcast Name Generators

Are you looking to start a podcast? But not able to select the correct name or titles for your podcast which suits you well. So, you need not worry anymore because we have come up with the best Podcast Name Generators and Podcast ideas list in 2021. 

Do you know as per research done in 2020, it’s found that 50% of the families are familiar with podcasts, and also 75% of Americans are fans of most of the Podcast shows. As per data of 2021, there are more than 1 million podcasts shows hosted continuously on different podcast streaming platforms such as PodBean, BuzzSprout, SoundCloud. So from all these data, we can easily understand the demand and popularity that podcast shows have in the present period.

But when it comes to starting a podcast, a lot of problems occur and the most important one is choosing the correct name for your upcoming shows. Before we move forward let’s understand about the podcast. If you are looking to start your podcast then this is the right place.

What is podcast?

The podcast is simply the audio series of specific episodes (Spoken or Digital audio files) broadcasted via the internet. You can download it free to your device to listening anywhere or anytime. In a podcast series, hosts talks about a particular topic or event.

As per recent research, the demand of Podcasts has immensely increased in last few years especially in in American territories. The best part, You don’t need an extra time to enjoy these shows or episodes. It can be listen to while you are in the GYM, working, or, traveling, etc.

Various types of Podcasts:

Now when it comes to types of podcasts, it depends on what niche or topic you are interested to discuss, but below we have listed the most liked topics which people love to listen to.

  • Interview
  • General topics like politics etc
  • Solo posts
  • Guest podcast (inviting someone and discussing on certain topic).

Now let’s discuss some tips on how you can select the best name for your podcast.

Tips to select podcast names:

For any show, names matter a lot, this is what gives the identity of your show. So you need to choose an excellent name for your podcast show, which is easy to remember and very catchy. Here, I’ve provided some tips that will help you in selecting the idetinty of your podcast (Names Ideas). Follow the few steps to get podcast names ideas for your podcast show.

  • Firstly select a niche on which your show will be based on.
  • Make a list of podcast shows names, from a similar nice.
  • Now you can try to duplicate them, or mix one or two names to form a new one.
  • Try to adjust your name or something uniquely.
  • Choose the correct name as per your interest.
  • Use the name and attach the podcast either suffix or maybe a prefix of selected name.
  • Search on the internet that no name should exist as yours.
  • Now your podcast name is ready to be launched.

You can follow the above points and choose a good name for your podcast. While selecting your name of podcast make sure that no other shows contain a similar name or meaning as yours, it should be unique and easy to pronounce and remember.

If you are still finding it difficult to select the best podcast names for your show. As you know, there are millions of domain names available on the internet but you need to find the right one. You have to pay certain dollars to get your domain name.

Also, you have the choice to select the best-suited name for your podcast but based upon the demand of a certain name the price may vary. Get your Podcast names list Today!

Check the domain name Availability here:

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There is also an alternate option for you, it’s Podcast Name Generator. From the name itself, we can understand the tool used for generating Podcast names ideas.

These are the best free podcast name generators I’m going to share with you in this post that will help you in generating tons of Podcast ideas about your show.

How Does PodCast Name Generator Work?

You can use any of these best podcast name generators to follow the next step.

Step1: Open the site, click here, you will see interface like this as show below:

Podcast name generator

Step 2: Enter the niche or some idea relate to your show and click on “Generate“. The Number of Podcast ideas will be displayed as per your searched podcast names.

Podcast ideas

Step 3: Out of those Podcast Ideas lists you can select a name, which suits your show the best.

Step 4: Check the domain availability by clicking here and register now.

Step 5: Along with your show name, these podcast name generators also shows the domains and recommends you to book, so you can be available on the internet.

10 Best Free Podcast Name Generator list 2021:

Here we are providing some name of the best podcast name generators below, which can help you to create your podcast names for free and easily.

1. Biznamewiz– Podcast Name Generator:


This is an excellent website that helps the users to finds the unique and creative business names ideas. But along with business name finder tools, it consists of same tools for podcast also. This tool you can use to choose the name for your podcast show.

While you visit this tool, it will ask you to enter a keyword related to your Podcast shows. After entering the keyword, you need to click on generate names. And whiting seconds, you will get a list of Podcast names with similar keywords. You are free to choose any name.

Also, this website directs you to GoDaddy where you can register a domain for your podcast with the same name if you want to build a website in coming days.

2. NameBoy – AI-powered Domain Name Generator:

NameBoy Free Podcast Name Generator

Nameboy is usually a domain name checker. But now you can also visit the nameboy website for checking the names of company as well as Podcast shows. They have a podcast name generator tool with the name ” The Best Podcast Name Generator“, which will help you to find the ideal name for your podcast show in association with Blehost for domain & web hosting.

Check the domain availability with Bluehost

3. Portent Content Ideas & Podcast Name Generator:

Portent's Content Idea Generator

Portent is a digital marketing agency based in Seattle, USA. They provide integrated digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing along with free tools & resources. Potent Content Idea Generator tool is a different type of tool but it has enough potential to generate and suggest the name of your podcast. It helps you create catchy titles for your next blog post, podcast, or Video.  Click here to get started now!

Generally, the portent is a content idea generator tool, in which you need to enter the keyword and it will display the idea or various suggestions. To generate the podcast show name, simply you need to enter a keyword or name which you are targeting I the name of your show and it will suggest the list of names or keyword idea which can be used as your podcast show name.

4. Squadhelp Business Name generator:

squadhelp name generator
Squadhelp Business Name Generator

The squad help podcast name generator tool is unique and different from all other business name generator tools. It’s a way of handing and suggest the name is also different.

Squadhelp is a AI-powered Business Name Generator that helps you gets hundreds of creative and catchy brandable Podcast names with matching domain names.

In this tool, you need to set some prize money and it will allow making your pool. When there is prize money various people with different ideas and names will come up to suggest you. Overall the best name is selected by you only and to be awarded the prize money set by you.

Else you can also choose a name from the free list suggested by the squad help. In this process, you need not make any pool and directly you can use the name.

5. Crowdspring Business Name Ideas Generator:

Crowd spring has an all-in-one business name ideas generator tool. This tool will help you generate a name for all kinds of needs such as podcast shows, business, blog names, channel names, and many more. They have experts behind crowdspring who suggest dozens of creative and memorable business name ideas for your business.

When you visit here, You will be asked to enter few details about your company or business, they will suggest you best names with matching domain name.

Crowd spring is an excellent platform for naming anything, they also have QnA with the client and professional to provide quality names for their users.

In this platform, everything is managed legally, mainly contract-based. So this is a secured platform and no issue of copyright because of the legal documentation process.

6. BNG Business & Podcast Name Generator:

BNG podcast name generator

BNG is a business name generator tool but it has a separate tool for creating names & titles for Podcast shows as well. To get started, enter the keyword related to the niche and hit the “Generate“. Within few seconds, it will show you tons of best business names or ideas. Also, It display you same domain name which you can register with Godaddy.

7. Kopywriting Kourse Podcast Name Generator:

kopywriting kourse podcast name generator

Copywritingkourse podcast name generator is a best tool for naming that assists the users to choose the catchy podcast names and get the ideas about your business names. 

This is a content marketing agency that provides AI powered copywriting, content writing and marketing services. Along with that it has great tools that helps in creating names, ideas or titles for podcast or any types of content you want very easily.

If you want to get naming ideas about your podcast, you need to enter some details related to those topics and when you make a search of generating names, a list of names related to the same keywords or topics are displayed on your screen. You can choose any one from those list of names suggest by the tool based on your interest or the term searched.

8. Truic – Business Name Generator:

truic business name generator

Truic company provides the free tools and guides that anyone need to start a business and get success online for free. Some of the best Truic tools are:

  • Business Name Generator
  • Business Idea Generator
  • Logo Maker
  • Operating Agreement Tool
  • Business Plan Generator
  • Entrepreneurship Quiz

You can find some great tutorials on topics such as starting a business, LLC company formation, DBA filing and many others. To know more, visit it’s website or youtube channel.

When you open the tool to generate the name ideas, you will find the two search boxes, in the first box you need to enter the keyword, and in the second box, you need to enter the city name. This tool provides you the best podcast names with domain availability.

9. Name Generator:

Nam generator is an awesome tool specially designed to display the podcast name for free of cost. This tool will ask you to select the podcast type and enter a name or keyword. Based on provided data it will suggest various names for your podcast show.


10. Namestation:

Namestation is also a podcast name generator that provides you the podcast names along with the domain. It will ask you an idea of your podcast show name and focussed keyword along with the extension you want to choose for your show. Based upon the idea provided by you, it will suggest the best names for you.

Hope from this post you have gained a lot of ideas to find the names of your podcast shows. Based upon the above-listed podcast name generator you will find the best-suited name for your podcast show as well as names of any business you want to start.

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