10 Best Bulk SMS Service Providers in India

There are thousands of companies in India that provide SMS marketing or bulk SMS services but how would you find the best bulk SMS service provider in India.

Let me help you with that,

We are living in a digital era and the number of mobile Internet users in India is expected to grow by over 35% and it will reach Approx 500 million users by 2023.

If you own a business and want to reach millions of people in no time then use Bulk SMS marketing to advertise your products or services to 761 million smartphone users.

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Here, I’ve picked the top bulk SMS service providers that are offering bulk SMS services to all types of businesses from small to medium even large enterprises. All these bulk SMS companies lists have been prepared based on such factors as affordable pricing, Powerful SMS Gateway & API, security, less downtime, customer support, and maximum ROI.

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With the help of bulk SMS services, you can send promotional as well as transactional messages to your customers along with OTP, updates, alerts, offers, discounts, etc.

Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Services providers in India:

1. FAST2SMS – Bulk SMS Service Provider:

This is the best bulk SMS provider in India that offers 50 Rs worth of free SMS for testing. It has a simple platform to send bulk SMS and test free SMS online. You can send OTP, multimedia & alerts SMS via Fast2SMS and it offers Free Bulk SMS on Signup. They have over 2 million registered users and were launched by SID GROUPS Venture in 2011.

 Service offers by Fast2SMS.com are:


Why choose FAST2SMS?

Various reasons to choose FAST2SMS and its key features are:

  • It helps you to send bulk transactional and promotional SMS.
  • API SMS feature to send OTP and notification to the customer
  • If you want to send scheduled SMS, then FAST2SMS could help you schedule your SMS for future reminders.
  • It also offers you a custom SMS feature where you could easily import Bulk Data from your Excel File.
  • Also, Get free Rs 50 Credit on Signup

2. TEXTLocal- India’s best Bulk SMS marketing company:

TEXTlocal is one of the largest and oldest bulk SMS service providers in India that helps businesses to increase sales with Smarter SMS campaigns, instant OTP, notifications, two-way interactions and Connect with your customers via WhatsApp API.

They offer an easy, powerful, and reliable platform for self-serve messaging in an innovative way. It allows you to send powerful bulk SMS campaigns and get real-time message delivery and clicks reports. It takes hardly 5 minutes in SMS API integration with access to 10+ languages including PHP, JAVA, .NET, and much more.

TEXTLocal is trusted by over 225000 businesses and rated 4.8/5 on TrustPilot. They offer you the first 10 messages free then pay Rs 295 for 1,000 messages.

To know more about pricing and features, click here.

Types of services offered by TextLocal:

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS
  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Free developer SMS API integration

Why choose TEXT LOCAL?

These are the key features:

  • Help you to create SMS campaigns your customers love
  • Offer an option to send files via SMS
  • Get quick access to real-time delivery and click reports
  • Helps increase engagement with mobile-friendly tickets and surveys solutions
  • WhatsApp Business API by connecting with customers via WhatsApp.
  • Textlocal SMS APIs through a 5-minute SMS API integration option.
  • Easily manage accounts, users, and data and get enterprise-ready

3. TextGuru: Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

This is a fast-growing company for BULK SMS services in India and SMS Gateway, trusted by Bharat Petroleum, Hero Motorcorp, Punjab National Bank & many more.

They offer the best support, unique features, and the lowest pricing with free DLT registration. TextGuru is having 51,647 happy customers from 40+ Countries, since 2006.

Bulk SMS service offered by TEXTGuru:

OTP SMS, Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, Enterprise SMS, Bulk SMS API

Features & pricing:

They have the lowest pricing and the best features like:

  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Direct Operator Connectivity
  • Easy Returns 7 Days Policy
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Super Fast SMS Delivery
  • 24*7 Customer Support

4. SMSplus – Bulk SMS Service Provider:

SMSPlus is a leading SMS service provider in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, and Delhi/NCR India. This year SMS plus completed its 10th year of their business.

If you are looking for quality-based bulk SMS services at affordable pricing, SMS is one that can help you reach millions of potential client’s across the country.

They have delivered over 100 Crore SMS with a 99.9% success rate. They offer the same rates for transactional and promotional SMS. Also, they provide SMS Gateway and API for their happy customers. Give it a try with a free demo account.

Service offered by SMSplus are:

  • Transactional SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • Open DND SMS
  • WhatsApp API SMS
  • Group SMS
  • Sender ID SMS
  • Schedule SMS
  • Dynamic SMS
  • Web to SMS
  • Android SMS
  • Video SMS
  • Picture SMS
  • Excel Plugin SMS
  • Delivery SMS

Why choose SMS PLUS?

  • It allows you to send Bulk SMS to all operators worldwide.
  • It offers you the services of OTP SMS through which you could easily welcome your clients.
  • Brand your business product and services with professional Video Branding services.
  • Create a better impression in front of your customers through API SMS, which includes automated welcome and thank you SMS.
  • It also offers you the bulk Email service to effectively brand your business.
  • The IVR option offered by the SMS PLUS helps you to easily manage your business online with a thirty days backup feature.

5. 2FACTOR- Best Bulk SMS Gateway Provider in India:

2FACTOR is the popular bulk SMS service provider in India that helps you to simplifies Sending bulk SMS online. The best thing about 2FACTOR is that it helps you to implement SMS OTP, Marketing Campaign messages, and Sending Bulk SMS campaigns.

Some of the popular services offered by 2FACTOR:

  • Transactional SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • Phone Verification API
  • Long Code/ Two ways SMS

Why choose 2FACTOR?

  • It helps you to deliver OTP SMS within two to sex sec.
  • You could easily re-route ailed messages through Backup Operators
  • It offers you an option to pay only for the OTPs delivered within fifteen seconds.
  • The best thing about 2FACTOR is that it does not let bulk SMS companies resell your data, mask numbers.

Website Linkhttps://2factor.in/

6. SmsHorizon – India’s top Bulk SMS Service Provider in India:

If you want to get cheap and efficient bulk SMS services in India, then SmsHorizon could be your ultimate choice. With the help of SmsHorizon, your business could easily send bulk SMS online to several people at a particular time.

Some of the best SMS services offered by SmsHorizon are mentioned below:

Send Bulk SMS

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS
  • Developer API
  • Become a reseller

Receive SMS

  • Virtual Mobile Number
  • Dedicated VMN
  • Short Code


  • Voice Calls
  • Miss Call Service

Why choose SmsHorizon?

SmsHorizon offers you the many beneficial SMS features that could effectively enhance the growth of your product:

  • It offers you the Bulk SMS feature, which helps businesses in keeping touch with regular customers in a more personalized way.
  • With SmsHorizon, bulk SMS services are much cheaper than advertising on TV or Radio.
  • It ensures instant delivery of SMS up to a couple of seconds on bulk push.
  • You could easily access everything on API right from sending SMS, tracking SMS, receiving SMS, missed calls, and shortcode.

Website Linkhttps://www.smshorizon.in/

7. WAY2SMS – India’s Leading Bulk SMS Service Provider:

WAY2SMS is a popular and beneficial bulk SMS service provider that offers the best way to send bulk SMS to the customer at large that too at a limited time.

Some of the best services offered by WAY2SMS are mentioned below:

  • Free SMS
  • API Support
  • Schedule Campaign
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Personalized SMS
  • Easy and less time-consuming Bulk SMS
  • High Delivery rate
  • Better pricing

Why choose WAY2SMS?

  • Free bulk SMS service to send free SMS to any mobile in India
  • Two free SMSes every day
  • Send SMS in nine local languages for free
  • Instant and best quality SMS services
  • Our Support consultants offer the best quality and superior support to all our customers

Website Linkhttps://www.way2sms.com/

8. SMS GATEWAY HUB – Enterprise Bulk SMS Service Provider:

SMS GATEWAY HUB is the best and reliable platform for sending business Bulk SMS easily and quickly. It provides you with the smarter SMS option that, too, at a cost-effective price.

The Services offered by SMS GATEWAY HUB are mentioned below:

  • Transactional SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • Voice SMS/OBD
  • Two-way messaging/ long code
  • Shortcode SMS
  • Miss Call Alert service
  • SMPP connectivity


The beneficial reasons to choose the SMS GATEWAY HUM are mentioned below:

  • It provides you with the detailed Statistics of your SMS
  • Get an option to choose email 2 SMS services
  • It includes the team of dedicated Account manager
  • Cost-effective Billing
  • It helps you to manage the business SMS easily
  • Provide you with the real-time reports

Website Linkhttps://www.smsgatewayhub.com/

9. BULK SMS GATEWAY – Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Hyderabad:

BULK SMS GATEWAY is the top SMS service provider in Inia that offers a complete solution for Bulk SMS. It is designed for small, medium, and large company to expand their growth by reaching wider customers within no time.

The services offered by BULK SMS GATEWAY are mentioned below:-

  • Bulk SMS services
  • Transactional SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • Group SMS
  • Long Code Services
  • API services
  • Schedule SMS
  • Dynamic SMS
  • Delivery Reports


BULK SMS GATEWAY offers some of the key beneficial features as mentioned below:

  • Quickly send individual and Group SMS online
  • Helps in send a message at a particular time and date with the scheduled SMS
  • Easily send SMS in different languages with Multiple language SMS
  • Offer an option for personalizing the SMS
  • Easily upload existing list through Tab Delimited Files
  • Check the complete record of the SMS with less time
  • Track SMS and view the history of the message sent
  • It offers an option for Draft and templates SMS for sending SMS

Website Linkhttps://www.bulksmsgateway.in/

10. BULK SMS INDIA – India’s Best SMS Marketing platform:

BULK SMS INDIA is among the top and reliable Bulk SMS providers in India. It is designed for the business of all sizes, from small to medium to large. You could get budgeted SMS services for your business.

Some of the best services offered by BULK SMS INDIA are:

  • Voice SMS
  • Website Design
  • Email marketing
  • Miss call alerts
  • IVR/TOLL-free
  • Hosting/ Domains

Why choose BULK SMS INDIA?

  • It offers you an option to manage ten Services in One Panel.
  • Quickly and easily customize brand setting.
  • It offers you the crystal Clear Delivery Reports of your SMS.
  • Get an option to send the SMS at your preferred time and date with Schedule SMS.
  • With developer API, you could send SMS from your own apps.
  • Get hundred percent uptime Cloud Server
  • Get private White label Reselling services for selling from your brand or website.

Website Linkhttps://bulksmsind.in/

The top ten best and reliable bulk SMS service providers in India are mentioned above. Hence you may choose the best one that could perfectly meet your needs.

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