10 Best Article Rewriter & Spinner Tools in 2022 (Free & Paid)

If you are searching for the best article rewriter or article spinner software online to create fast, unique, and SEO-friendly content, then you’re on the right page.

There are so many article rewriters and spinner tools are available online, some of them are free and some are paid. It can very difficult for you to pick the right one. So, I’m presenting you the best article spinning software which you should try.

Here, I’ve come up with the best article rewriters and paraphrasing tools that you can use to create content in bulk in less time. This saves your money as well as time.

Using these article spinning tools you can easily create new original content within a few seconds by simply spinning or rewriting any of the original text or paragraph.

If you check the contents created by software, you will find these tools change the whole sentence by just restructuring them along with the various synonyms. Your content will be 100% original and readers friendly which I can say as per my experience.

Also, I’ve reviewed the best Article Rewriters and Spinning Tools and shared all the details that will help you to pick the right one with an exclusive discount as well.

If you want to buy or try any one of them then check all these 10 Best Article Rewriter and Spinning Tools in short with the help of the below table:

10 Best Article Rewriter & Spinning Tools 2022:

If you are in hurry and don’t have time to read this post till the end then check an overview of the top 10 article rewriters and paraphrasing tools. Find out a quick comparison, pricing & plans at a cheaper price with a discount + free trial (Offer!).




Plan/Free Trial:



3 Days

40% OFF



Save $140


FREE for 5 Days

60% OFF


14 days free

50% OFF


3 Day Free Trial

10% OFF 


5 Day Free Trial

40% OFF


3 Day Trial/2.99$

45% OFF

In the above table, I have given the name and pricing of paid and free best article rewriter tools. Among the tables, the tools with a free plan have limited features but you can get the full features by switching it to the premium version. Also, you can easily get some extra discounts if you subscribe to the tools with the links provided in the table.

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Top 10 Best Article Rewriter software:

Let’s explore each of the best article rewriters in detail along with its features, pricing, and discount. You can find both free and paid tools with pros & cons here.

1. WordAI – Best AI Text Rewriter:

WordAI is the best article rewriter which creates 10X content output powered by Artificial intelligence, founded by Alex Cardinell in July 2011.

If you don’t have a budget to hire a professional content writer then don’t worry, this is designed to create new and high-quality content that ranks on Google and is optimized for user readability as well. It has a simple user interface and affordable pricing.

wordai, best article rewriter

WordAI uses Advance AI that restructures your content from scratch without any change in the meaning of each sentence. You can create as much content without compromising the quality and scale your business by 10X faster and easier.

Also, WordAI provides extended functionality support like a bulk rewrite, Bulk download, API, Article Forge integration, HTML content, and much more.

WordAi consists of a 3-day free plan. It prices monthly subscriptions at $57 per month or you can switch to the yearly subscription with the price of $27 per month. You have the chance of a 30 days money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

The user’s rating has been excellent for WordAi, Overall rating of WordAi is 8.8/10 based on the rating given by more than 500 people. Easy to use and overall content creation has the highest number of voters of 10/10 almost.


  • 100% unique and human-readable content
  • 10X faster content output
  • Easy to use interface
  • Create up to 1000 rewrites per original article

WordAI’s Pros & Cons:

✅ Proving bulk writing option

✅ Free plan available to check

✅  Simple interface to use

✅  Multi-device accessibility

✅  Contents are human readability and easy to understand.

❌ Efficiency is not good.

❌ Auto-generated contents look spammy

❌ Produces 10-20% of plagiarised content.

2. Kontent Machine – Article creator and Spinning Tool

Kontent machine is an article rewriter and spinner tool which helps you to generate original content. It has a very simple interface and has various tabs such as new, saves, quick, draft, etc are available in the home interface of this tool. It has various updated versions such as Kontent Machine 1, Kontent Machine 2, and Kontent Machine 3.

Why Use Kontent Machine:

Kontent Machine can create original content. Along with this, it is also capable of performing various SEO techniques especially things that are related to backlinks generation. In general, we place several links for reference of the content based upon which the Kontent machine tool creates the original content for us.

By default on the other end, it uses all these links as the anchor text for the URL which we have used for generating the content. Through its AI-based, it spins the article in such a way that whenever new content appears on the website it functions as an anchor text. This can be one of the main reasons to choose these tools.

Now let’s look at the various pricing factors of the Kontent Machine.

Kontent Machine Pricing & Discount:

Kontent Machine provides you with three days of free trials to use the tool. If you are satisfied with the features and service provides by the Kontent Machine you can sign up for the paid plan which costs you around $37 per month. They also have a lifetime plan for which you need to pay $217 only if you use this discount link. It’s a one-time investment. But overall these pricing features, Kontent Machine providing you an assurance of 30 days 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

Watch the video for Kontent Machine review:

Kontent Machine Users Rating:

Kontent Machine has an excellent rating of 9/10 from almost a thousand plus users. The pricing is average and the tools are easy to use and the content generator has been excellent. This is also known for best article rewriter and spinning tool.

➽ Kontent Machine Pros & Cons:

✅ Pricing is very affordable

 Money back guarantee

Tool Interface is simple

✅ Has multiple functions to draft, save, edit, and many more

❌ There is no free trial available

❌ In rare cases, content quality is not satisfactory.

3. Spin Rewriter -Best Article Rewriter:

Spinrewriter is an article rewriting and spinning tool with a very easy-to-use interface. It was launched in 2011. It comes up with monthly and yearly subscription plans. In this tool, I have found the support section very useful, as they have guided me through which I can make the correct use of this tool. Moreover, the content generated by this tool is unique and has enough chances to get ranked as the quality looks very impressive.

This tool gives access to a five-day free trial. If the user is satisfied with the Spinrewriter, he/she can choose the premium plans to continue. These tools provide monthly plans at $47 and yearly $77 plans.  Also, they offer a lifetime plan, which costs you $497.

It has a user rating of 8.5 out of 10 points given by almost 700 people.

Spin Rewriter  Pros & Cons:

✅ Easy to Use Dashboard

✅ Multi-device support

✅ Grammar & Spelling checking features

✅ Availability of free time

✅ Support various syntaxes.

❌ Generated content has to be edited in some parts

❌ Single language is supported

❌ It has a limit of 400 words

4. Chimp Rewriter – Best Article Rewriter & Spinner Software:

Chimp Rewriter is an AI-based content spinner and rewrite. The speed of Chimp rewriter is very fast and delivers good quality content. I found customer support very helpful.

This software creates effortless SEO content and rewrites articles at lightning speed. Stop paying for content when you can create 100% unique and high-quality content than human writers at a cheaper price. Chimp Rewriter rewrites original content without any plagiarism. It is not just an article rewriter, it’s a complete content creation software.

The pricing of a chimp writer is $15 per month and the yearly plan costs you almost $99. Also, they offer a free trial of 14 days along with a $215 Value of bonuses for free. You can also get a special discount on its regular pricing by clicking the offer link below.

You can download and use Chimp Rewriter on Windows 7, 8, and 10. If you are a Mac user then you have to use a Windows emulator like Parallels or WineHQ.

The user rating is almost 8.5/10 as per experts’ reviews. And this tool is rated at number 6 in the whole market of content writers and spinners.

Chimp Rewriter Pro & Cons:

✅ Content produced by Chimp Rewriter has a high readability score

✅ It supports multiple languages for rewriting & spinning

✅ Integrate with other software that you’re using

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✅ Trusted by 31,316+ marketers

✅ Easy-to-use software that is compatible with windows 7, 8 and 10

❌ Usage is limited to 1500 requests per month

❌ Unsupported for MAC.

5. Article Forge: AI-powered Article Generator

Article Forge writes unique and high-quality articles in under 60 seconds. It creates better content as compared to a human writer at less cost. In 3 simple steps, get content on any topics on topic and completely unique because of its advanced AI tool.

It comes with two versions, Article Forge 1 is the oldest version, and Article Forge 2 is the latest version. Article forge 2 is better and updated than the older one.

Generally, it’s capable of producing almost 70% of pure content, and the remaining need to edit. But the bonus thing is it creates quality content. Sometimes Article forge introduces the audio and video tutorials which makes it different from the others.

This is an AI-powered article creation tool that uses advanced AI and deep learning to make the content writing process easier at less cost under 60 seconds.

The pricing of article forge is decent on the yearly plan but the monthly plan looks costly. For the monthly plan, we need to pay $57 whereas the yearly costs $27 per month only. Also, they offer a 5-day free trial for new users and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Its rating is almost 9/10 given by 400 plus users on various platforms.

Article Forge Pros & Cons:

✅ 5 days Free Trial option

✅ 30 days Money-back guarantee

✅ Availability Audio and video in content

✅ Get content ready under 60 seconds

✅ Easy to use Article writer tool

❌ The word limit is less than 750

❌ Rarely spammy content is generated

6. Quillbot – Best Paraphrasing & Article Rewriter tool:

Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool article rewriter trusted by millions of people worldwide. This tool has a state-of-the-art AI that people use to rewrite and rephrase any type of content such as sentences, paragraphs, emails, essays, and social media posts easily.

Generally, it has all the features of an article rewriter along with a grammar checker, summarizing tool. So it is a multitasking tool for all types of article creation.

QuillBot has different options or facilities for users which can be used as grammar checkers, summarizers, citation generators, etc. Apart from that, they have available extensions for Microsoft word, Google Chrome and Google Docs.

It functions based on three modes namely standard, fluency, and creative mode. The first two modes standard and fluency are free and you need not create an account to use it. But the third one creative mode is a paid plan so an account is needed.

Quillbot offers three types of pricing for premium users with various price ranges. The monthly subscription plan costs around $7.95, the semi-annual plan costs $4.99 per month and the annual plan is cheaper which costs around $3.99.

It is also available for free but there is a limit. QuillBot premium plan comes with 3 days money back guarantee. Give it a free trial today by clicking here.

Quillbot has an excellent user review of 5/5 on various websites.

QuillBot Pros & Cons:

✅ Budget costing

✅ Availability of Free trials

✅ High content creation with phrasing and grammar checking

✅ Easy to use Article creation tool

❌ Access to Limited requests in trial mode

7. Clever spinner – Cheap and Best Article Rewriter Tool:

Clever spinner is one of the best article rewriter tools as it uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality content as written by humans. It rewrites single words, phrases, and sentences easily with high accuracy and excellent readability.

This is a state-of-the-article spinner that is able to rewrite/spin content on word, phrase, and sentence level to keep high quality and unique than the content writer.

This tool is in the form of a website based so we need not install it. Clever spinner generates the content and phrases it very quickly within a few seconds.

You can get Clever Spinner for $9.90/month with 3 days free trial. If you are not satisfied, cancel it anytime within 30 days and take a full refund without question asked.

The rating of this spinner is not available but as per the features and user experience, it can be rated around 7.5/10. This is the best-suited tool for rewriting and spun content.

Clever Spinner Pros & Cons:

✅ Affordable pricing

✅ Fast content generation

✅ 3 days Free trial without credit card

✅ Availability of Content writing with phrasing system

✅ Contains manual editor

❌ It’s a website based system, so the internet is required

8. SpinBot- Popular Article Rewriter & Text spinner:

SpinBot is an API-based article spinner, content creator, and text rewriter tool. In this tool, you don’t find any features like draft, save, etc. Manually, you need to paste the texts which you wanted to be spun. On top of that, it is a complete content creation tool.

Spinbot rewrites human-readable text smartly and intelligently using Article intelligence. If you need a paraphrasing tool this can get your job done as well.

SpinBot offers a free trial with very limited features. It consists of three types of a paid plans, monthly plan costs $10 per month. The semi-annual plan costs $50 and for an annual plan, you have to pay $75. There is a 30 days refund policy.

If you are a developer then you can purchase the spin credits required for your website or App. And, get a discount of up to 50% OFF on SpinBot paid plans.

SpinBot rating is 5/10 as per various users on different websites

SpinBot Pros & Cons:

✅ Affordable pricing

✅ It’s an API based content spinner

✅ Offers free trials

✅ No sign up is required to use the free version

❌ Word length is limited to 1000 words only and up to 10000 words can be requested under a free trial.

❌ Free plan comes with Captcha and Ads

9. Spinner Chief 6 – Best article Spinner Tool:

Spinnerchief is an excellent content Spinner tool. Along with content spinning, it has various other features such as grammar correction, video scrape, plagiarism checker, etc. Due to these extra features, spinner chiefs are preferred over any other content spinning tools in the market and trusted by over 2,00,000 users.

This is not only a spinner tool but it also generates hundreds of new articles in few minutes by keeping the uniqueness and human readability high.

The pricing of spinner chief is different because it offers various services such as elite, ultimate, and team versions. The elite version is for $197, it’s a one-time subscription plan. Similarly, for ultimate and team versions,$307 and $627 have to be paid.

Although, Spinnercheif offers a free version also which is good for basic spinning and rewrites new content very fast. Users can install its desktop free version or register on their website to use it for free. It has both a desktop and a web version.

The rating of this Spinnerchief is really good as most users have given an excellent rating of 9 and the overall rating is 8.7/10.

Spinner Chief Pros & Cons:

✅ Free plagiarism checker

✅ Video scraper

✅ Free trial

✅ Various paid plans for users

✅ Affordable pricing

❌ Sometimes produces articles not related to the topic

10. The Best Spinner – Free Online Article Rewriter:

The best spinner is also good, along with article spinning it has the features of auto-translation and plagiarism checker which helps a lot in creating the original content. It also provides the online feature to publish the generated content directly to your blog.

This is a free online article rewriter which creates & rewrites high-quality content. Also, it is used for Article Spinning, Text Rewriting, and content creation for any language.

The Best Spinner 4.0 is a downloadable software (Paraphrasing tool)  that you need to download on your device to use. It is compatible with the MAC, PC, and Tablets.

With the best spinner, what you can expect?

  • It creates and rewrites content very fast
  • Best Spinning software online
  • 100% unique and human-readable articles
  • Value of Money for marketers

There are no free trials available for this tool. The pricing is very decent and consists of three plans: basic, standard, and pro plans. The basic plan costs you around $67/ year, the standard plan costs you $127/year and the pro $247/year.

The user review is 9/10 as it has unlimited features and additional features.

The Best Spinner Pros & Cons:

✅ Various features along with content spinning

✅ Affordable costing

✅ Users rating is very good

❌ No free trials

❌ Pro plan is expensive

Wrapping Up!

These all are the 10 Best Article Rewriter and Spinning Tools In 2021. All these have their own specialty but most of them have the multi-functional capacity and offer free trials. So as per me using the free trial, in the beginning, is the best way to find which one suits you best. But going for the paid plans is the best choice with the tools providing multiple functions along with article rewriting and spanning is the best choice.

From the above-listed tools, you will be able to select the article rewriter and spinning tool which is suitable for you as per the review and pricing provided. To receive extra advantages and discounts on the tools, buy using the above-provided links.

If you would ask me which are the best article rewriters and content creation tools?

These are my favorite, you can also try them for free.

First, get sign up for a free trial then upgrade to a paid plan once you like that tools.

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